Gift of the Holy Spirit

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Gifts of the Holy Spirit enable us to live a holy Christian life. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are: 1.Wisdom - desire for the things of God, and to direct our whole life and all our actions to His honor and glory 2.Understanding - enable us to know more clearly the mysteries of faith 3.Counsel - warn us of the deceits of the devil, and of the dangers to salvation 4.Fortitude - strengthen us to do the will of God in all things 5.Knowledge - enable us to discover the will of God in all things 6.Piety - love God as a Father, and obey Him because we love Him 7.Fear of the Lord - have a dread of sin and fear of offending God

The Gifts of the Spirit Divided into Groups
Speaking GiftsServing Gifts
Word of WisdomFaith
Word of KnowledgeHealing
ProphecyMiraculous powers

A Description of the Gifts of the Spirit
"Now concerning spiritual gifts
(or "graces," meaning a God-given ability for service)
I do not want you to be unaware." –Paul

1. Apostle (Greek: apostolos). One sent forth---as God sent forth his Son, Jesus---into the world with the message of salvation (Heb. 3:1). Jesus, in turn, sent forth His twelve apostles, empowered by the Holy Spirit with the good news of salvation (Matt. 28:19-20), and universal authority in matters of doctrine for His disciples. These twelve apostles became the first building blocks to be placed on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:20: 4:11,12). They were also given the responsibility to equip saints for ministry within the church as well as minister to their surrounding community. Each new generation has submitted to the authority of Jesus Christ, His apostles, and their writings up to this very hour. Paul was the last apostle to be placed on the foundation of Jesus Christ eliminating any need for new apostles (1 Cor. 15:9). He became a prime example of a man who discovered his gifts and wrapped his life around them; "...1 was appointed a preacher, and an apostle and a teacher" (2 Tim. 1:11).

2. Prophecy (Greek: propheteia). The spiritual ability to speak forth the mind and counsel of God. Prophets in the Old Testament were used by God to speak to Israel about current and future events. Jesus was the prophet to come(Deut. 1:8-18; Acts 2:22-23). The prophets in the body of Christ were called to speak forth the word of God about present and future events (Acts 2:17-18; 11:27-28), equip the saints for ministry (Eph. 4:11,12), as well as edify, comfort and encourage believers within the body of Christ and reveal the secrets of men's hearts (1 Cor. 14:3, 23-25). Agabus (Acts 21:10-11) and the four daughters of Philip, the evangelist, were given the gift of prophecy among so many (Acts 21:9).

3. Evangelist (Greek: eulangelistes). The spiritual ability to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ's redemptive story to a dying world lost in their sin and shame (Romans 3:23). Jesus modeled this gift of evangelism with Nicodemus (John 3:16). The good news is, in the words of Paul; "If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved" (Rom. 10:9,10). The evangelists were also called of God to equip others to develop their spiritual gifts (Eph. 4:11,12). Philip was known as an evangelist (Acts 8:4-13, 21:8).

4. Pastor-teacher (Greek: poimen didaskalos). The spiritual ability to shepherd the flock of God (guarding, guiding, encouraging, warning, etc.), feed them the Word of God, and equip them to find their gifts so that they, too, can do the work of ministry (Eph. 4:11, 12).Peter (John 21:15-17;1 Peter 5:1-15).

5. Serving (Greek: diakonia, the root for deacon). The spiritual ability to meet...
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