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By jpresswood Jul 01, 2013 776 Words
Apol 104
3 June 2013

What is worldview?
Worldview is a combination of one’s perception and performance based on one’s belief system. Worldview is the blueprint on life, formulated by ones thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and behavior and molded by experiences. These experiences can be either good or bad. Vehicles of influences can come from ones teacher. These teachers can be: parents, siblings, relatives or school teachers. Other vehicles can be commercials from radio and/or television, various forms of entertainment and everyday interaction with society. Therefore, the way in which ones worldview is designed and presented is determined by ones input and output in life’s journey. 1. The question of origin.

The origin of life begins to manifest itself in Genesis 1:1 and as the scriptures continue God made both day and night to formulate structure within a particular time frame. God created every form of life for man and nature to coexist and as the days came and went God was pleased with His creation. (Genesis 1:31)

2. The question of identity.
According to Genesis 1:27 God created man in his own image. Christians believe that God created everyone and everything to live in peace and tranquility. To simply adhere and obey His command. God, being Omniscient and omnipresent; knew that man and woman would need vegetation as a form of nutrients to sustain their existence. (Genesis 1:26 Genesis 1:29)

3. The question of meaning/purpose.
Man’s meaning and purpose is to elevate to Gods expectation. Taking into consideration, how God has blessed man with a degree of intellect that was superior to any of his other creations. Thus man must be mindful of his purpose and duty. (Ecclesiastes 12:13) Man can do nothing secretive without it being known to God and at some point man knows he will be held accountable for his deeds are it positive or negative. (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

4. The question of morality.
Being that man was originally created in Gods image and likeness in a clear and well-balanced state of conscious, man knows exactly what is expected of him. However, man and woman have both been known to go astray. (Genesis 3:17) Once one is forewarned of the ramifications and wrath of God, one should not indulge in that which is forbidden. With this all judgment and morality is compromised. (Genesis 3:5)

5. The question of destiny.
Considering how man fell from God’s grace after disobeying Gods command, his ultimate destiny should be to retain Gods favor, grace His grace and mercy to enter into Gods kingdom. Christian worldviews believe in the hereafter. (Revelation 21:9) For the lost souls who fail to obey Gods command, are promised the pits of hell fire. (Revelation 20:3) Biblical worldviews influences the way I treat people, how I think of others and how I speak to others in one way. I do my best to see Gods love in everyone deal with. I am well aware of john 13:34, 2 Corinthians 13:11 and 1Peter 3:8. I do my best to follow these scriptures daily. Although I all short, I have faith that God see's my efforts and will one day bless me with the ability to succeed in those areas. For my natural instinct is to love others as I love God. Biblical worldviews influence me to treat others as Jesus would. Not to pass judgment and to forgive those that trespass against me. Biblical worldviews influence me on deciding a future career based on how God has saved me. Christians believe that God forgives us for our sins through Christ Jesus. I believe I am to forgive others as God forgives me. Based on the turmoil of my past, I am inclined to give another human being the generous love God has given so freely to me. Christians see the good in all mankind. This influences me to help others conquer their addictions. Choosing to become an addiction/recovery counselor will allow me to do just that. However, I will seek God for clarity, to embrace people from all walks of life, just as Jesus did. No matter the addiction, the past history, beliefs, or present status; I want to be able to assist another effectively on their journey to recovery. Each step in the recovery process is critical. It takes time and patience to work these steps. The Bible states and Christianity has taught me that all things are possible through Christ, and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I will rely on Gods compassion and seek humility through my endeavors.

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