gospel essentials

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Jillian Sanders
Christian Worldview
February 15, 2015
Dr. Hector Llanes
Gospel Essentials
When you look around and gaze at the beautiful creation before you, do you reflect on how amazing God is? God made the creation, man, and everything surrounding the two. There are many different worldviews. This paper will focus on the Christian worldview. The Christian worldview involves God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration.
The Christian Worldview
Can God truly be defined? Yes and no! It is important to know the facts about God which one can get from studying the Bible. Secondly, it is important to fellowship with God to get to know Him on a personal and intimate level. There are so many characteristics of God as He was and is perfect in all His ways. God is sovereign. This gives God the ability to do what He knows to be best. Ultimately God is in control of everything. Although man has free will to make whatever choice for his or her life God promises to see us through every situation good or bad. God is love. God’s love is not a love of emotion, but of action. There is nothing greater than the love of God. God is faithful. Through all things that one may encounter, God promises that He will be there right by our side through it all. When we feel that no one else is there, God is always there. The creation of God is wonderful and amazing! The Bible states in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (NIV). The following verses in chapters one and two of Genesis describe how God created everything in seven days, calling each part of the creation “good”
Human nature is defined in the dictionary as, “the psychological and social qualities that characterize humankind, especially in contrast with other living things” (dictionary.com, 2015). The purpose of God creating man was to love and to serve God. God wanted man to carry our His plan for life and His creation. This all changed when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command. In Genesis

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