Grade 10 Religion Unit 1

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Unit 1
Are we good?
Key Terms
Matthew Lapointe
What does anthropology say about humans?
• Anthropologists study the origin, development, and customs of human beings • They may research many questions related to what it means to be human: What is a human being? How are humans different from other living creatures? Where did we come from? How did we originate and evolve? How do we as humans work, think, feel, communicate, celebrate, fashion objects,and reshape our world? How do we order our lives with our fellow human beings?

How do we deal with the unknown?• To seek answers, anthropologists may: • Study and classify fossils and artifacts
• Analyze behaviors, languages, and other characteristics of cultural groups • Study genetics • Science can only examine what is can classify, measure, and quantify • Humans are much more, and we must go beyond science to understand them What does the Bible say about humans? (Genesis 2.4b-24)

1.Humans are a creation of God: Human beings are the outcome of the desire of God. Whatever we are is a gift of God. 2.Humans are a mixture of earth and divine breath: Part of us is drawn to earth, and part to what lies beyond us. 3.Humans are good: God is good and declares the creature good. 4.Humans are male and female: Together, as male and female, we are the image ofGod. The basic rights of all humans

• Humans are given the right of personhood in creation
• All humans are persons by virtue of their being created in God’s image and likeness The Human Vocation: Life in God’s Spirit
1. Humans are created in the image and likeness of God: Humans are the only creatures who can know and love the Creator. 2.Humans are called to happiness and holiness: Humans have a desire for true happiness, which can only be found in God 3.Humans are rational and free: Our free will enables us to direct ourselves to our true good. 4.Humans are moral beings: Our actions are moral,...
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