Free Fall

Topics: Velocity, General relativity, Slope Pages: 3 (619 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Picket Fence Free Fall
|Trial | 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |Slope(m/sec2) |9.81 |9.61 |9.87 |9.76 |9.82 |

| |Minimum |Maximum |Average | |Acceleration(m/sec2) |9.61 |9.87 |9.74 |

The position-time graph is a parabola.It has an increasing and positive slope.

3.The velocity vs. time graph is linear. The slope of line in velocity-time graph is dependent on the position-time graph. The slope of the distance vs. time graph at a point is equal to the velocity.

V=9.74t+0.558 m/s

5.g=9.74±0.1 m/s2
7.The accepted value fall within the range of our values.
8.The value of the acceleration obtained from step 12 is almost the same as the accepted value for the acceleration of gravity. [pic]
9.Initial velocity does not affect the acceleration of gravity. Because the slope of the graph is the acceleration. The acceleration of an object which you throw is the same as an object that is dropped by itself.

Sources of Error:
In the Picket Fence Free Fall experiment,we prove the acceleration of gravity within a 0.6% difference with a precision of 1.3%. The data has a large fluctuation. So we found out several factors that might have possibly caused fluctuation of the results. Firstly, the wobbling movement of the Picket Fence could affect the precision of our experiment a lot. Our hands, which holding the object, might have been swaging even before the fall. Moreover the air resistance, which acts against the gravity, is an important factor that might have caused the Picket Fence’s unstable movement in our lab. Another possible source of error was...
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