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Constant Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement On A Downward Ramp



To determine the velocity and acceleration of an object at different positions going down a ramp at four different angles.


If an object is accelerating at different angles then the larger angles will always have the largest acceleration.

Miniature car
Ticker Machine
Masking tape
Ticker tape
Carbon paper
Power supply


1. A ramp was angled at 3 degrees and a ticker machine was attached at the higher end of the ramp. 2. Carbon paper was attached to the ticker machine and ticker tape was fed through to the ticker machine. 3. The ticker tape was taped to the back of the car.

4. The ticker machine was turned on (turnt) and the car was released and stopped as it exited the ramp. 5. The ticker tape which was dotted was collected and the distance between dots was recorded. 6. The process was done 3 times for each angle.

7. Steps 2-6 were repeated for 6.3 degrees, 90 degrees and 8.5 degrees.

Chart 1.1: Displacement at 3 degrees

Chart 1.2: Displacement at 6.3 degrees

Chart 1.3: Displacement at 8.5 degrees

Chart 1.4: Displacement at 90 degrees
Chart 2.1: Velocity at 3 degrees

Chart 2.2: Velocity at 6.3 degrees

Chart 2.3: Velocity at 8.5 degrees

Chart 2.4: Velocity at 90 degrees

Chart 3.1: Velocity at 3 degrees

Chart 3.2: Velocity at 6.3 degrees

Chart 3.3: Velocity at 8.5 degrees

Chart 3.4: Velocity at 90 degrees


The results that were observed from this lab helped prove what was hypothesized. As chart 1.4, 2.4 and 3.4 displayed the object dropped off of the 90 degree slope was the quickest to cross 200cm, had the highest velocity and the highest acceleration. This was because at 90 degrees the gravitational pull was...
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