Ford Motor Company Leadership Case Study

Topics: Leadership, Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Leadership is defined as a person being able to successfully get others to follow them. Leaders are those who are willing to take risk and inspire and empower those around them to do great things. Empowerment has become a concept that has been at the forefront in research on group leadership it has had a significant impact on the definition of leadership. In today’s society leadership plays a vital role in the outcome of everything. The fast pace society that we currently live in many people strive to acquire leadership roles on their jobs, in church and social organization and definitely in society. Questions that are constantly raised include what makes an ideal leader, what attributes should one possess in order to be effective in a leadership role? For those currently in leadership roles that display poor leadership qualities, the great question is what can be done to assist them with improving their leadership skills. Good leadership starts at the top and is very essential to the success and effectiveness of any organization. To be effective and successful in a leadership role one must be willing to have transparent conversations with those that they lead. Effective leadership affects all those that one leads. In a recent article entitled “11 Leadership attributes that are critical in Leadership Development” to be successful the author Carrington outlines eleven qualities that are critical for a good leader to have they are as follows: •Unwavering Courage

A keen sense of justice
Definiteness of decision
Definiteness of plans
The habit of doing more than paid for
A pleasing personality
Sympathy and Understanding
Mastery of derail
Willingness to assume full responsibility
Good leaders are not cocky but display a real confident attitude. The unwavering courage of a leader is more self-evident in the time of crisis (Carrington, 2009). THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP ON ORGANIZATIONAL...

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