Family vs. Fine Dining

Topics: Food, Family, Cooking Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Family vs. Fine Dining
When choosing a restaurant it is all about the reason or reasons behind the event. Is it an intimate meal for two, a meal with the family or just a day out with a friend? Many occasions have different needs, however when one chooses to dine out it is all about having a celebrated, time with family, love ones, friends and a meal; no grocery shopping needed, cooking, or clean up. As a consumer, one needs to know the difference between family and fine dining in order to receive the maximum experience of their dining occasion. We all have seen a plate of food that makes us want to curl on the sofa, turn on the television and look at a good movie or television show and devour that whole plate in the opening credits of the flick. That is the feelings that comfort foods give rise to. That is the aspiration of family dining experience to transport that feeling to each plate and every guest they serve. This is achieved by plating that looks full and has the manifestation of tastiness. Portion control is not the primary factor in plating. Now at the other end of the spectrum, there is fine dining, which some may view as the better or the higher end of the culinary industry? Fine dining is all about the art of the food and showcasing it in the most unique form that the chef could bring forth from inside the mind. It can be match up to, Picasso with paint, so is a Chef with food, the plate becomes the blink center canvas; it is the visual stimulation that they are appealing to, just as much as the taste. That is achieved by the protein of the meal becoming the star and the vegetables, starch and sauces filling the supporting actor’s roles, working together in harmony to awaken all the senses and amaze the recipient of the plate. Again many people feel that cost of an item is directly related to the quality of it, and in some cases this is true, however, the quality of the food that is generated out of either kitchen is of the highest quality in...
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