Factors That Affecting Learning Achievement of English

Topics: Lingua franca, United Kingdom, English language Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: April 25, 2013
English is an important subject incorporated and strategic role in school and university systems around the world because almost all the school and university subjects are taught using English Language. Learning achievement in the English language is effected by different factors, which positively influenced by in English. English is a language that requires different technique for dominate it because it is very differently than other languages. English is the international language of education, science, business, politics and culture. Accordingly, policy-makers all around the world make the teaching and learning of English in their countries a priority. However, to improve the quality of English instruction, it is first necessary to make progress in the factors that affect the quality of English language teaching and learning. English is a compulsory subject there must be in school and university systems around the world. Studying English requires students to have a positive attitude, earnest spirit, and curiosity to find out more in English by reading and trying different exercises. English is differently language and it requires commitment to study. English requires component breakdown of parts of speech; students have to develop an attitude that will boost your performance. A good attitude will help in working on their fluency, which is the main aim of learning any language. The purpose in studying English can affect student’s attitude toward the language.


In the research we did, we found a number of problems associated with student achievement factors in UNIKL IPROM. As we know, English has become the language used in all organizations. Throughout our research, we found that many students do not pursue learning English and did not attend English classes. In the questionnaire that we do for the students who are less interested in learning the English language, we find...
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