Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting the Quality of English Language Learners.

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 15 (4285 words) Published: December 28, 2010


Celis, Marjorie
Han, Pureum
Narciso, Kris
Nuqui, Janella

B.S.E English III
January 4, 2011


The English language is said to be the global lingua franca that is used by several countries so as to communicate with other countries. That is why we need to be proficient in speaking it. One of the few countries which made English as their official second language is the Philippines. The need for knowing the English language increases because of globalization and our connections, relations and transactions with other countries. Because of this great need, schools from all over the world require the study of the English language. Students even tend to study English outside of their country so as to suffice their need of the language. Nowadays, majority of classroom environments are culturally diverse. In the Philippines, an English language classroom is not limited to only Filipino students but also to other nationalities such as Koreans, Indians, Timorese and the like. This scenario is evident in universities catering other nationalities, such as Angeles University Foundation. Aside from having a bachelor degree in any field of their choice, foreign students also aim to learn the English language. Guided by the university with its teaching personnel, foreign students are given opportunities to enhance their English communication through interactive language learning activities. These activities are applicable not only to foreign students but also Filipino students. Although the university has the capability of providing opportunities to students, there are still other factors that could affect the quality of the English language learning. One of which is the socio-cultural foundation of the students. Socio-cultural factors or external conditions associated with students’ entire environment, in which he or she studies the language, greatly contributes to the quality of language learning. Customs, belief systems, the school environment as well as the people surrounding them are just some of the factors aforementioned. With this in mind, the impact of the external factors to their language learning should be catered by the teacher and other curriculum stakeholders as they build the foundations on the English language learning of the students. They might experience culture shock if there are variations on their socio-cultural foundation with others and this may affect language learning. The students who most likely experience what we call culture shock in the tertiary level are the freshmen. Some of them find it difficult to adjust to their new classroom environment because it might be extremely different from the previous one they had. Some may find it difficult to deal with their other classmates, especially the foreigners, because of the differences in their previous school environment, culture and beliefs. When these differences clash, there are greater chances that it might result in reluctance to communicate, discouragement to participate and collaborate, and it can greatly affect the quality of English language learning. Shedding a light on these socio-cultural factors, the researchers would like to assess the quality of English language learning and its effect on selected first year College of Education students at Angeles University Foundation. Learning these socio-cultural factors could help teachers emphasize on what and where the student’s schema is currently at and that they could build on these knowledge so as to make the experience authentic for the learner of the second language. Another point is that, if the teacher of the language experiences a problem on a culturally diverse classroom, such as that of the classrooms of Angeles...
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