Expository Essay 1 Modern Invention

Topics: App Store, IPhone, ITunes Store Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Expository Essay #1
English 8H
Isabella Diez, Period 6
Just one Click Away
In the present life we don’t really realize how much we use new technologies. One of my favorites of this time to use is the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone is a modern invention that has made significant impact on my life by enabling communication and providing entertainment. First, communication is offered on many levels on the Apple iPhone. I can email easily. My neighbor can email me easily when they need me to babysit. I can email Mrs. Dudley my neighbor who helps run a café that takes volunteers when I need to acquire volunteer hours for civics. Also, I can use social media anywhere. One of my favorite apps for social media is Instagam because I can easily share pictures of us ice skating with my friends like Swastika. My second favorite is Twitter so that I can easily see updates from my friend Emily or my teachers like Ms. Scott. Finally, it is immensely easy to message people quickly. When I need the homework information for my core class civics, algebra, and English I can message one of my friends like Swastika. Plus, when I want to hang out with Emily, swastika, or some other friends it’s just one click of a button. Therefore, communication is really offered on many levels on the Apple iPhone. Secondly, the iPhone offers a wide range of entertainment. I can listen to the music of my choice. Like my favorite band The Beatles, I can also download the music I love from the iTunes store, for example, Strawberry Fields Forever is one of my favorites. A different option to iTunes is a music app like Spotify where I can stream music free. Another pro is that there is an endless amount of apps to download. The app store is the place to buy all of these apps. One of my favorites is Candy Crush Saga because it’s a match three-puzzle game. It is addictive, and in my opinion, it exercises the brain. Also, I can read almost anywhere like at school, in the park, and other places. On...
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