The Best and the Worst Invention Opinion Essay

Topics: Invention Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: February 14, 2012
The Best and The Worst

Since the birth of the first humanbeing, humanity always invented new things to feed their needs. Some inventions were really filling a blank and made people take one more step further to new questions and needs but some inventions seemed so innocent and useful till humanity become captives of them and forgot about living.

In the first ages of human life, people were collecting; fruits and seeds to feed themselves, rocks to create places tol ive, leaves to cover their sexual parts. They were also hunting to get food and proper clothes. They were always have to carry things in long distance because the things they needed to survive were not always close to them. It was hard to carry that lot of things by hand, besides they would need so many people to have enough space for everything. They needed something that can carry multiple things at once, so they invented something from leather. It had a long cord that allowed them to carry it on their shoulders and did not hamper them from what they had to do. It had a large part like a big pocket which they put everything in it. It is what we call “bag”.

Contemporarly bags are more fashion related but stil filling a gap of need besides the bag sector opened the doors of so many sub-sectors of supplies. I can’t imagine how world would be without bags.

Bags filled a huge and basic need of humanity. Ofcourse there are a lot of things that we can find like bags however there is a thing that I think it brought humanity to a whole new level. It is obviously “shoes” I am talking about. Shoes made people travel more, see more, discover more and it protected their feet. Before the invention of shoes, there was the danger of getting bit by a poisonous insect, lizard or snake, or stepping on something really dangerous that could kill you. Because of this, people were afraid of walking in the nature they live in so they invented shoes to protect their feet. With shoes people broke their walls and...
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