Export Plan

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Export Plan Template

A. Cover page

B. Table of contents

C. Executive Summary

D. Company Description
1. The Export Team
• Identify specific individuals and their positions which have been assigned • responsibilities for export development
• Identify international skill sets and knowledge (languages, culture, international marketing, logistics, transportation, documentation, banking, politics, economics,legal, financial, etc.)

2. Goals and Objectives
• Overall goals and objectives for the company
• Export goals and objectives: how does the exporting activity contribute to achieving the overall goals and objectives?

E. Product/Service Description
1. Domestic and International Products and/or Services
• Unique selling attribute or competitive advantage(s) • Typical profile of end users
• Describe required product modifications
• Seasonality and life cycle of your product or service • Intellectual property protection

2. Growth Potential
• Domestic and existing international market(s)
• New products/services research and development
• New intellectual property protection

F. New Foreign Marketplace Analysis
1. Rationale for Exporting

2. Rationale for Selected Foreign Market

3. Country Profile
• Political, economic, social conditions
• Regulatory environment
• Legal structure
• Fiscal/taxation structure
• Infrastructure conditions (e.g. roads, ports, rail, airports, telephones, and communications, etc.) • Cultural and business practices
4. Industry Profile
• Broadly identify direct customers (e.g. buyers, agents, distributors, trading houses) or actual end users (e.g. individuals, businesses) and current market trends • Competitive Analysis

• Overall competitive conditions
• Existing competitors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) in the foreign marketplace • Unique selling attribute or competitive advantage(s) of each • Existing sources of production and channels of distribution • Marketing practices used

• Typical payment terms offered

G. Market Entry Strategies
1. Strategic Alliance, if applicable (co-marketing, co-production, joint venturing, licensing, franchising, etc.)

2. Target Customer Profile
• Direct customer (buyers, distributors, trading house) • Who will they be?
• Demographics or company characteristics
• Purchasing decision makers
• Actual end users (individuals, families, elderly, youth, businesses) • Purchasing decision makers
• Total market size and future growth potential

3. New foreign market product or service description(s)
• Typical usage by the end users (what problems are being solved?) • Unique selling attributes or competitive advantage(s)/market niche • Describe required product modifications
• Product characteristics (design, styles, colors, etc.) • Quality characteristics
• Product specifications standards(health and safety)
• Labeling, packaging, markings, language(s)
• Seasonality and life cycle of the product or service • Foreign intellectual property protection (tradename, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, industrial designs, copyrights, etc.)

4. Pricing Strategies
• Export costing analysis
• Pricing constraints
• Legislation (anti-dumping, price controls, etc.)
• Current market pricing (if necessary, consider typical profit margins in distribution chain) • Price sensitivity (market acceptance of higher or lower price) • Market penetration pricing strategy (market skimming, penetration pricing, flexible pricing, static pricing)

5. Sales and Promotion Strategies
• Sales methods (company representative, subsidiary or affiliated company, foreign agent, foreign broker, mail order/Internet orders) • Promotion methods
• Advertising availability...
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