Jarir Bookstore

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Jarir Bookstore project report""

Part one written by:

Noor Al-Hassan

Part two written by:

Mussad Al-Khalaf

Part three written by:

Abdulaziz Al-Hogbani

Under the supervision of

Professor Dr. Zafar U. Ahmed

Jarir Bookstore

Let us start with defining Jarir bookstore by saying "Jarir bookstore, its not just a bookstore" that is Jarir's slogan and it true because Jarir's 1st specialty is books and then they are specialized in electronics from A to Z, what gives them a better positioning in the market that they are a bookstore that sells electronic goods. The company is led by a strong management team with effective leadership skills and which respects individual initiative and provides opportunities for personal growth to employees. [pic]

Jarir Bookstore is the result of effort and commitment of visionary Al-Agil brothers, who started their dream project in 1979 with a small store located in Jarir Street, Malaz, Riyadh. This single store specialized in supply of office and school products to meet customers' demand and to provide high level of satisfaction expanded to be to be all over Saudi Arabia with their fully equipped facilities, and they even expanded to the country of Kuwait and there is a study that they want Jarir Bookstore to be all over the GCC for now and then if its possible expand globally.

|Wholesale |Retail |Divisions | |Resellers – wholesalers / retailers |End users - Walk in / Corporate |Customer Profile | | |Operates 20 book stores including one |Stores/Offices | | |each in Doha, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait | | |It has 6 wholesale showrooms and |and 5 corporate offices. | | |7 wholesale offices. |Had 16 bookstores and 3 corporate offices till December 2003.| | |No addition is foreseen |Expected to double the number of showrooms over next five | | |for coming five years. |years. | | |Fast moving items in school |School Supplies, office supplies, Computers and IT, Books & |Products | |and office supplies |Magazines, Office Machines | |

My Distribution of Questioners:

It all started a week ago after I finished and edited my final survey by my professor that helped us all as his students to develop professional questioners that is relevant to everyone's own project, take me for example the project that I am working on is "Jarir's bookstore customer satisfaction" this course helped to be prepared to the real world "out field" preparation of questions that are professional but also simple to fit the customer's perception to make it easy for him/her to answer with no pressure. The idea is to develop a survey that customer is willing to answer, short questions, easy to think about and last but not least subjective for us as future marketers to interpret as results that will help us to have a clear idea about our project.

My Distribution to be fair was not that easy to make people answer surveys which are written in the language that is not their first language, the experience was tough but also great to have knowledge to know-how to do such a thing that will be with me in the future as a good experience that helped to conduct surveys which an advanced marketing skill which we all need as...
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