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22June2012 Banned Books Banned books are becoming more current in this day of time. People often do not understand the challenge of books or why a book is being banned. Ken Petrilli, the author of “Banned Books Week: Celebrating You (and Celebrating Your (and Your Teens!) Freedom to Read” in the Young Adult Library Services summer of 2009, talks about how he understand, how the parents feel about some books being banned. He also advised ways to make displays for banned books week. Petrilli is a...

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Book Banning

Each year, libraries across the United States report hundreds of challenges. The leading causes for contesting a book are sexually explicit content, offensive language and inappropriate subjects for minors [source: American Library Association]. Only a minority of the requests actually make it through to banning the book from its respective library. The Catcher in the Rye. The Scarlet Letter. Huckleberry Finn. Harry Potter. The Diary of Anne Frank. Animal Farm. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Da Vinci...

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Internet and Books

In today’s modern world, technology has a great influence on our life and time. Back in the early 19th century, when electronic devices had not been invented, the population could only use printed word such as books, posters, newspapers or magazines, to gather information. Later, in the mid 20th century, the use of computers, televisions and radios helped people to know about the incidents happening all around the world, more easily. Now, in the 21st century, the creation of internet and other devices...

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Sex Education in Children’s Books

When a person thinks of reading a children’s book, themes of sex, desire, and gender differences do not often come to mind. However, analyses of favorite children’s books such as Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the fairytale “Sleeping Beauty”, and L.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, have proven that these themes actually do occur but in a hidden manner. It is only by critically reviewing these “children’s” texts do these so-called inappropriate themes appear. Lissa Paul wishes to address this theme of...

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Importance of Books in Life

elements that help people to learn are books and experiences because of their unlimited benefits. The book is a valuable source of knowledge that consists of infinite benefits. It transports us into different worlds and cultures, as well as, it informs us about ancient civilizations and lore. In addition, it helps us to learn about new technologies and literature. It allows speaking languages fluently and to communicate spontaneously. Therefore, the book can be faithful friend and the nearest...

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Bookbinders Book Club

MARKETING ENGINEERING FOR EXCEL • CASE • VERSION 2.0.2 Case Bookbinders Book Club By Gary L. Lilien & Arvind Rangaswamy 1. Before beginning any case, students should familiarize themselves with the model being used. Marketing Engineering for Excel comes with tutorials that demonstrate the capability of each model. The tutorial can be found under each model within the ME►XL menu after starting Excel. These tutorials are designed to work with our OfficeStar examples which are located...

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Is Banning Books Constitutional?

Is banning books constitutional? The Catcher in the Rye. The Scarlet Letter. Huckleberry Finn. Harry Potter. The Diary of Anne Frank. Animal Farm. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Da Vinci Code. The Grapes of Wrath. These literary classics have been vital to the education of many, especially children and adolescents (Banned Books). These great novels both teach important values and educate children about world affairs and classic themes. Unfortunately, each of these novels has been banned at one point...

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The Lonely, Good Company of Books

got older it was only going to get more complex. I never quite understood why books like Shakespeare were so important to my education but I was always told it was so I never questioned it. In The Lonely, Good Company of Books, I completely agree with Rodriguez on his claim about the disconnection of young students’ education and reading lists of books. A student’s education is based on way more than just reading books throughout their educational lives. From personal experience to claims made my...

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Community Book Festival

Community Book Festival According to the United States Census Bureau (2013), Queens, New York, has an estimated population of 2.2 million people living in this growing region. With a large population like this, it would be an ideal place to promote reading by conducting a book festival for the community. Not only will the book festival promote reading among all age groups, but also, it will address the economic changes in the community in an effort to keep threatened libraries of Queens open....

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Book Festival Fundraiser

Nonprofit fundraiser for book festival Comm/215 May 2, 2011 University of Phoenix Online Nonprofit fundraiser for book festival To organize a book festival many subjects must be addressed: the reason for the fundraiser, public need, monetary goal, special guests, sponsors, initial capital, permits, and volunteers. With the right tools, the fundraiser can be a huge success. Starting out with the basics and organization is crucial in the process...

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Marketing James Patterson Books

Executive Summary: Over the last decade James Patterson has published an unprecedented number of best-selling books, cemented a powerful brand image amongst a loyal following, and redefined the process by which authors create content to meet reader demand. From November 2000 through June 2003, Patterson had cumulative sales of over six million dollars, trailing only John Grisham during that time frame. He has generated the majority of his sales through a loyal readership that consistently lines...

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Books and the Internet

Internet Has Changed Books The book industry has always been an integral part of society. However, recent surges in technology, especially the internet, have put this industry under pressure and have transformed it into a broader, more competitive entity. In the past, the book store was the only pace to buy and sell books but these buildings could be soon be obsolete with the introduction of online shopping for books and the more impressive and rapidly growing industry of e-books, as seen by the accompanying...

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Books obsolete

Books Obsolete? E-books taking over? From the beginning of time paper books have been the soul means of historical documentation and the recording of stories, as to be passed down through the generations. With the new technology know as kindles, e-books, etc. the needs of paper books has drastically decreased. When it comes to storage, convenience, and quality, e-books will be giving paper books a run for their money. Here are the pros and cons of tablets vs. paper books and what might be more...

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Timeline of the Book History

ENG 5933: History of the Book (Fall 2007) c. 2400 BC c. 650 c. 400-300 295 c. 100 1st Cent. AD c. 370 610 c. 700 c. 750-800 868 875 896 c. 1041-48 11th Cent. 1255 1276 1337 1373 c. 1400 1403 1418 1430 1454 1456 1457 c. 1460 1465 1466 1467 1470 1472 1476 1477 c. 1485 Earliest surviving papyrus scrolls. Papyrus scroll introduced into Greece from Egypt. Silk writing materials employed in China. Alexandria Library founded. Vegetable-fiber paper developed in China. MS. book format shifts from scroll...

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How Books Are Printed

The history of book manufacturing Stories have been part of human history from the beginning. They were passed on from mother to daughter, father to son and were recorded on cave walls. The ancient Mesopotamians carved their histories on stone tablets and the ancient Egyptians wrote down there stories on papyrus using hieroglyphics which were first used in 3200 BC. This new method of gathering information was introduced to the Greeks in 650 BC. Book printing using woodblock printing was invented...

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Biology: Book and Lab Coat

to students by the respective lecturer. (b) Make sure that all particulars on the cover are completed before submitting the report. 5.2 Format and evaluation (a) The particulars should be in the following order: - Title (as in manual book) - Objective (as in manual book) - Observation/Result (draw in blank A4 paper following the format given) - Discussion/Exercises/Questions - Conclusion (at least 2 conclusions) - References (at least 3 references following the format given) (b) The marks will be awarded...

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Speech outline on banned books pesuading audience that banning books is uncalled for.

Book Banning Topic Area:Book banning Specific Purpose:To persuade my audience that book banning is uncalled for. Thematic Statement:The banning of book will not stop situations from existing it only will provide for the ignorance of people stemming from the ignorance of others. IIntroduction A.Develop favorable interest toward the subject. 1.Read excerpt from Little Red Cap 2.Ask how many people recognize the story B.Develop the exigence 1.Ask how many people read ban books 2.State that...

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How To Skim Books And Journal Articles

How to Skim Books Look through the chapter headings what do they tell you about the structure of the book as a whole? Differences for Journal Articles For an academic article, look at the section headings. These often have very predictable structures, with an introduction followed by a review of previous research (the ‘literature review’); a ‘methodology’ section, explaining how the research was conducted; one or two sections on the findings; a discussion of the findings, relating them back to the...

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National Book Store’s Socorro Ramos

Activity 3 National Book Store’s Socorro Ramos HARD WORK For me, this is the single most important thing you can do to succeed. Not just because it is an indispensable part of success, but also because it is one of the few things that is directly under your control. The other factors that may be beneficial including opportunity, luck and an education may well be beyond your control. But you are the only one who can determine how hard you are willing to work for your dream. You cannot blame anybody...

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Book Review: Gorkha in Search of Identity

BOOK REVIEW GORKHA IN SEARCH OF IDENTITY BRIG CS THAPA BIBILIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION NAME OF BOOK GORKHA IN SEARCH OF IDENTITY AUTHOR BRIG CS THAPA COPYWRITE SRIAV PUBLISHERS PAGES 134 Pp FIRST PUBLICATION 2013 PRICE Rs 350/- ABOUT THE AUTHOR Brig (retd) Chander Singh Thapa(B. 1952) did his early schooling from St Joseph's Academy, Dehradun and joined the prestigious Rashtriya Indian Military College in Jan 1964. The offr was commissioned into the 70 Armoured...

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E-books E-books open up all kinds of new opportunities, especially in the areas of education, entertainment, and business. Schools around the country take advantage of E-books and other online materials. In most cases, the price to access the electronic material is much lower than buying an actual hard copy of the book. I have personally seen this model used in my courses at Penn State. Many of my classes require reading assignments that are in an electronic format. E-books have also revolutionized...

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E-Books vs. Paperback Books

E-BOOKS VS. PAPERBACK BOOKS Recently, e-book came out and developed rapidly. In 2012, Amazon released news that it sold more e-books than paperback books in the global market in 2011. Interestingly, it was the first time more e-books than paperbacks were sold on Amazon. Some people have predicted that one day e-books will completely replace paperback books. They saw the rapid increase of e-books’ selling and potential. Undeniably, today’s society has a tendency to prefer e-books. But this preference...

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Book Fair

DELHI BOOK FAIR 2012 CONCLUDES SUCCESSFULLY ON sept 9,12 By : Vijeta Verma One of the most eagerly awaited events in the capital, the 18th edition of Delhi book fair and 14th edition of stationary book fair was organized by the India Trade Promotion organisation (ITPO) at Pragati Maidan , New Delhi in hall nos. 18-12A from 1st sept-9th sept,2012.The Delhi...

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Book Design

BOOK DESIGN Process of Book Making 1. Idea 2. Manuscript 3. Contract/ Agreement 4. Editing 5. Proofreading 6. Typesetting 7. Editing 8. Correction (book layout) 9. Page Layout 10. Editing and correction 11. Film making 12. Plat Making 13. Printing 14. Binding 15. Packaging 16. Distribution THE IMPORTANT OF BOOK DESIGN 1. Poor design can hurt sales: ‘ People Do Judge a book by its cover’ 2. Book design size of books body...

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Why Internet Can Never Replace Books

Why the Internet will Never Replace Books The Internet is very much like television in that it takes time away from other pursuits, provides entertainment and information, but in no way can compare with the warm, personal experience of reading a good book. This is not the only reason why the Internet will never replace books, for books provide the in-depth knowledge of a subject that sitting in front of a computer monitor cannot provide. We can download text from an Internet source, but the...

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Books, Ink, and Binding in the Golden Age of Islam

Ayoub Laissouf Books, Ink, and Bindings Introduction The development of the Islamic book art and bookbinding was a result of the need of a written document of the divine revelations that the prophet Muhammad received through the angel Gabriel from 610 AD until 632. The followers of the prophet memorized Quran and transmitted it orally, and they jotted it down on bones, camel shoulder blades, stones and several other materials. However, with the swift expansion of the Islam to other regions...

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Wait 'Till Next Year Book Review

quick back story: I probably own 800-900 sports books that I've been reading and collecting ever since I was old enough to read. The lamer ones are at my dad's house and my mom's house. The best ones came to California with me. And when we moved a few months ago, five boxes of the best and most relevant sports books ever written were dumped in my new garage -- taped up, stacked on top of one another, sitting in the dark. Well, I was working on a book, and we had a baby, and it took a few months just...

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Walker Books Profit Planning Exercise 2

MAB Lecture Illustration: Walker Books Profit Planning Exercise Walker Books1 Along with his brothers, Ramsay Walker ‘inherited’ Walker Books (Walkers) from his father. Neither Ramsay nor his brothers had worked full-time in the business. He has spent the last few months becoming familiar with the business. Exhibit 1 highlights Walker and Company’s organizational structure. Ramsay held meetings with the senior staff as well as studying the state of the industry, in general. Ramsay knew the industry...

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Book Report on Leo Buscalgia, Living Loving Learning

Toochukwu Ndukwe Theology 101 First Book report Living, Loving & Learning Leo Buscaglia was born in Los Angeles on March 31sr 1924 he was the youngest of four children of Italian immigrants and raised Roman Catholic. He spent his early childhood in Aosta, Italy. He usually spoke of his childhood experiences in his books work. He Graduated high school at Theodore Roosevelt High School, Leo then served in the U.S. Navy in World War II, Using the benefits of the G. I. Bill he was able...

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Paco 500 Practical Book Review 2

Practical Book Review Of Cloud’s Nine Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life. By Joseph VanTrease 23835386 Presented to Dr. Robyn Simmons In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Introduction to Pastoral Counseling PACO 500 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Lynchburg, VA 23 June 2013 My Summation From beginning to end, 9 Things You Simply Must Do to SUCCEED in LOVE and LIFE is Dr. Henry Cloud’s take of how we will be successful in life and love...

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Hard copy books vs

Hard copy books vs. E-books Introduction This year Riga Business School decided that they would provide students with electronic books instead of hard copy ones. The decision about the books occurred because hard copy books are too expensive. The decision implemented because administration think that this generation students prefer to read everything on the Internet. However, Riga Business school students prefer to read printed books not only because it is easier to remember the text and stay focused...

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The Future of Printed Books in the Digital Age

Future of Printed Books in the Digital Age A book is a literary composition that is published or intended for publication containing a set of printed, illustrated or blank sheets made of ink, paper parchment or other materials, fastened together to hinge at one side. (Oxford English Dictionary 12th Edition) Although thousands of books are published even today, the digital world is slowly taking over these editions with their digital forms i.e online or E-books. The term E-book is a contraction...

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Books vs Ebooks

But is this really a good thing? I read books and of course so do many other people in this class and around the globe. But since the creation of ‘e-readers’ more and more people have been converting to the technology based side of reading. Although technology is slowly becoming more predominant in this era we should not rely on it to always entertain and keep us occupied. I think ‘real, physical’ books are better than e-books because you can truly own a book. As Mortimer J. Adler, a popular author...

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The Google Book Settlement

Google Library Program In this economic slump, the book industry is actually holding up, when compared to other business that have suffered deeply. In the face of adversity there is a business that has emerged and is taking over the digital book market. This company is not Microsoft, or Amazon. In fact the giants are actually against the entity that created a monopoly in this area. In 2002 Google began a project to scan all books in libraries by making parts of them digitally available online...

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Function of E-Book

The functions of E-book in teaching and learning. Books are no doubt the main element in teaching and learning activities. As we all know printed books have already been used for a very long time. However in this modern era, books in electronic forms (eBooks) are taking place. EBooks had already been introduced not only for adults but children too. Finally, eBooks are already evolving slowly to take place in teaching and learning. A powerful stimulus for the production of a range of electronic...

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Books vs Computers

Books VS Computers Article 1 by Angletetra (Forum Name)  Sep 4, 2007, 10:22am Today,computer is the most important invention since fire was invented. Most people use computer instead of book. According to school research,students choose computer to do their homework. Some people believe that books are more useful than computers. However, this research indicate that children and teenagers benefit from computer more than book. Therefore, schools should purchase computers rather than...

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Novel and Book Thief

Essay on Book Thief Day One: Write notes about TWO possible topics for your essay from those suggested below. Power of Language One option: In The Book Thief, words have the power to both destroy and save lives. Examine how characters in the novel (for example, Liesel, Max, Ilsa Hermann, Hitler, Rosa and/or Hans) use words to destroy and to save. What are some of the effects of their words? Discuss at least two characters’ relationships with the power of language. Another option:...

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The Importance of Reading Book

The joy of reading books can't be described in words. It's something that you can understand only by actual experience. There is much more to life than your work and spending time aimlessly with latest technology products. Reading books gives you that much needed break from the chaos in your life. It instills peace inside you, makes you relaxed and also exercises your brain in the process. When you read a book, it feels great to put yourself into a different world that the writer has created...

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Title: Books What are books? Well the answer is pretty simple which is books are a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. Books are available everywhere. We can get them at a bookstore, library, school and many more places. They are part and puzzle of someone’s life. There are many types of book like storybooks, fictional, non-fictional, novels, magazines, manuscript, comic books...

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This Is Not the End of the Book

of the book (review) 2013 This is not the end of the book by Umberto Eco & Jean-Claude Carriere "This is not the end of the book, but another chapter." (Umberto Eco) This is Not the End of the Book is the transcription of an extended conversation, "curated" by Jean-Philippe de Tonnac. On one side of the table sits Umberto Eco, the Italian professor of semiotics at the University of Bologna, writer of fiction, essays, academic texts, and children’s books, and certainly...

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Why Online Books?

WHY ONLINE? For MPH Bookstores Malaysia, the e-commerce unit has been in operation since year 2000. With an extensive collection of book titles across various topics and categories supported with easy-to-search function for online browsing, and bundled with next business day arrival for local delivery as well as international address doorstep delivery service, it has served customers from different parts of the world since then. The emerging trend of online shopping has encouraged many organizations...

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dictionary definition for a book. But in reality a book is much much simpler than this. Today my speech is all going to be about persuade each and everyone of you to start developing this habit of reading books. The reason why I chose this topic today is because, I read a book which ultimately changed my life and changed my perception towards life, this book was The power of positive thinking by Normant Vincent Peale, but well unfortunately this was the only inspirational book I ever read. The first...

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The Thing About Books

“The Thing about Books” Do you get that overwhelming euphoric feeling when you go inside a bookshop or a library? Do you smell through the pages of old books, yellow and worn out with time (and new ones!), and get that ecstatic sensation? Do you get that comforting feeling when you know you are carrying some books with you, even just for the sake of carrying it (not to mention, it is a cure for that toxic boredom, too)? During rainy days and bed weathers, do you just want to grab something from...

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Google Books

Title: Is Google Books a Good Thing? The Google Books project has been a working progress ever since Google was created. The co-founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page had been working on a research project that was supported by the Stanford digital Library Technologies Project in 1996. Google intends to scan every book ever published and make all of the text searchable so that people can find the relevant information they need about book. They want to make books more accessible to...

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internet + books/ebooks

any hour of the day or night. Today the Internet provides a person with a way to study, read and learn about anything that is of interest to them. On internet you can find almost everything you're looking for – even books more known as ebooks. An ebook is an electronic copy of a book. You can start reading an ebook as soon as you've paid for it, so there is no waiting for delivery. Ebooks also offer the convenience of size and portability; you can store your entire library on a laptop or other device...

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E-Books Are Better Than Paper Books

are so many smart reasons to buy e-books rather than paperback books. How we read books has been changing over the years since the advent of the computer and other gadgets. People are reading online text at an astonishing rate. One of my websites has over 11 million page views. That’s 11 million pages of text I wrote that nobody would have read without computers because it wouldn’t have been accessible. Here are some… You can password protect your e-books, keeping them private for you! You...

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Better World Books: Vision, Mission and Values

Better World Books 1. What are the vision, mission, and values of Better World Books? Critically evaluate them. Are they helpful to the company’s leaders in formulating strategic intent? Why or why not? According to our text, a vision is a statement about what an organization ultimately wants to accomplish, it captures the companies aspiration. Where as a firm’s mission is a description of what it actually does, what its business is, and why it does it; it can be customer orientated or product...

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Writing a Story Book for Young Children

when the student is writing for a real audience – that is, the finished book will be viewed and read by or to the person it was written for. Objectives In this activity, the student will: 1. Interview a younger person who will act as the target audience for the finished book. 2. Learn the Parts of a Book by constructing a small children’s book 3. Learn how to storyboard their ideas for the draft copy of the book 4. Write and illustrate a creative story for a younger person to...

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Descriptive- the Book I Want

myself to a hardback book. When I walk in, I am always taken aback by the towering displays of tomes; the precariously perched novels appearing like high divers waiting to plunge to the earth below. I find myself tipping-toeing around the pyramid tables, holding my breath to keep their descent from happening. I scan the plethora of shelves for something to read. Then, without warning, I see it. Hiding away, leaned back against a cold metal shelf, is the one I want; my book of choice, Ready Player...

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entitled to borrow books, journals and other reading materials from the library for their own use. Library materials cannot be borrowed on behalf of others. The students may borrow maximum 4 books (if available) at a time for 15 (fifteen) days. Course related text books marked with ‘REF’ may be borrowed only for few hours and all other reference books are reserved for use inside the library. The faculty members may borrow maximum 3 (three) books per course or maximum 10 books for one semester. ...

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Introduction e library

Introduction This is a library and information system, used to help students and researchers to search for information, books, and preview researches, doing that by accessing this system through the internet using its facilities such as: high speed search, accuracy on getting data and the ability to get the hall related information about what they need. This system (site) are containing the following pages: The main page contain...

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Book of Sand

1. The book had affected the narrator to a great extent. At first he did not care for the book, until the stranger selling Bibles said “the number of pages in this book is literally infinite. No page is the first page; no page is the last”. This intrigued the narrator’s mind. After he had bought the book, he began investigating. He noted down things in the book. He began losing sleep from the investigation and when he actually got sleep, his dreams were about the book. As it states in the short story...

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children's books

EDCI 443 Literary Analysis In children’s books, pictures add meaning to text. When I was a young reader, pictures were paramount to my early comprehension of text. Illustration facilitates understanding of written language by visually representing text in a way that’s meaningful to children. Kathleen’s Horning’s From cover to cover offers valuable insights on what makes a picture book meaningful for children and how to clearly analyze and criticize them. Horning explains in dreary details what...

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The book thief

Haley Dorman English 113 Final Project Mrs. Luby The story of the Book Thief The book that I read was “The Book Thief.” This book was written by Mark Zusak in the year of 2006. Mark lives in Australia where he was raised by a German mother and an Australian Father. He has made a career as being a young adult author. This book has been given many awards and for a very good reason because it is a tale that is very worth remembering. It is about death, loss, and sadness, but that love...

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Ekushey book fair

Ekushey Book Fair 2012: Celebrating Books Every year when you visit the Bangla Academy area during the first few days of February, the place takes on a festive air with throngs of people making their way to the annual Ekushey Book Fair. The entire place is lined with book stalls displaying books from every major publisher in the country, catering to the tastes of absolutely every reader. As you walk in, you are greeted by street artists offering to paint a little something on your face or hands...

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Library Managment

and queries [4] 2.2.3 Process Maintain Books Information [1] 2.2.4 Process Make book search [2] 3.1 State transaction diagram STD 3.2 Screen hierarchy. Appendix: A.1 Conclusion A.2 References Library Management System 4 figures Figure 2.1 Context diagram Figure 3.1 DFD level 0 Figure 3.2 DFD level 1 Maintain Books Information Figure 3.3 DFD level 2 Maintain...

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Related Literature Review

is spreading in the recent years. In the field of education where students and teachers are involved, they are now finding information through the Internet. However, they still do not forget what the essence of a library is: a collection of books and non-books for researching and retrieval needs. Furthermore, the library is now coping up with the technology today, and this includes creating an automated library system for the easiness of the operations of the library. In line with this, the proposed...

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This Novel Has an Unusual and Striking Title. with Close Reference to the Novel, Explain Whether You Think "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" Is an Appropriate Title.

An appropriate title for a book should be something that gives an overall impression of the book, and in a way sums up the main point of the book. Therefore, I believe that “Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” is an appropriate title for the novel as Balzac, who is an author often referred to in the book, influences a lot of the events that take place in the book. However, he also majorly influences the Little Chinese Seamstress (LCS) in one way, but also Luo and the narrator in another way...

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Advantages and disadvantages of E-books over books

disadvantages of E-books over books E-books have been around for a few years and even though printed books are still very popular E-books are becoming more popular as well. To be able to read E-books people need to have a special device called the E-reader or a tablet. Printed books do not seem relevant anymore, but there are still a lot of people who hold on to or prefer the traditional books. Some people expected the arrival of the e-book to replace the use of printed books. It can be noted that...

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Computers Taking over Books Response to Anne Prolux

Visal Gallapaththi Ms. Gray ENG3U1 March 7th 2008 Flipping The Screen Half a century ago, people used books for everything related to education. In fact, the human’s best source of knowledge and education was the book. If you wanted to look up a recipe, you opened a book. If you wanted to learn how to fix the radio on your car you opened a book called the manual. If you wanted to know Black beard’s real name you will have to visit the library and go through hundreds ...

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