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Title: Books What are books? Well the answer is pretty simple which is books are a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. Books are available everywhere. We can get them at a bookstore, library, school and many more places. They are part and puzzle of someone’s life. There are many types of book like storybooks, fictional, non-fictional, novels, magazines, manuscript, comic books...

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dictionary definition for a book. But in reality a book is much much simpler than this. Today my speech is all going to be about persuade each and everyone of you to start developing this habit of reading books. The reason why I chose this topic today is because, I read a book which ultimately changed my life and changed my perception towards life, this book was The power of positive thinking by Normant Vincent Peale, but well unfortunately this was the only inspirational book I ever read. The first...

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Banned Books

22June2012 Banned Books Banned books are becoming more current in this day of time. People often do not understand the challenge of books or why a book is being banned. Ken Petrilli, the author of “Banned Books Week: Celebrating You (and Celebrating Your (and Your Teens!) Freedom to Read” in the Young Adult Library Services summer of 2009, talks about how he understand, how the parents feel about some books being banned. He also advised ways to make displays for banned books week. Petrilli is a...

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Internet and Books

In today’s modern world, technology has a great influence on our life and time. Back in the early 19th century, when electronic devices had not been invented, the population could only use printed word such as books, posters, newspapers or magazines, to gather information. Later, in the mid 20th century, the use of computers, televisions and radios helped people to know about the incidents happening all around the world, more easily. Now, in the 21st century, the creation of internet and other devices...

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Essay On Book Banning

Books have a numerous amount of ways to get banned. Book banning can cause the books not to be presented in certain places. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, was banned and challenged due to inappropriate language, rape, sexually explicit, racism, and not appropriate for certain age groups. Banning the books means to remove the books from libraries or take them away from the readers (Cho, 1). Challenging the books means that someone is attempting to remove the books from shelves or the readers...

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Counting By 7s Book Report

The two books I read over the summer were Counting By 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan and The Maze Runner by James Dashner. The first book, Counting By 7s takes place in Bakersfield, California, and is about twelve year old Willow Chance who enjoys gardening, diagnosing medical conditions and the number seven. The story is about her journey through life after her parents died in a tragic car accident. Prior to the car accident Willow has to see Dell Duke, a student counselor, after being accused to cheater...

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Electronic books verses paper book

Electronic Book Verse Paper Book Reading is a big part of our lives, whether you are reading for work, school or pleasure, books, newspapers or magazines, it is something that most people do on a daily basis. Today, there are different ways you can read: either electronically or by paper. Electronic devices are starting to run our lives, by getting an e-book or e-reader (kindle, nook, iPad, etc…) reading could change for the average reader. Electronic readers are better than paper books. Having...

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Books obsolete

Books Obsolete? E-books taking over? From the beginning of time paper books have been the soul means of historical documentation and the recording of stories, as to be passed down through the generations. With the new technology know as kindles, e-books, etc. the needs of paper books has drastically decreased. When it comes to storage, convenience, and quality, e-books will be giving paper books a run for their money. Here are the pros and cons of tablets vs. paper books and what might be more...

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How to Create a Smash Book

How to create a smash book How to create a smash book, not a scrapbook. A smash book is a place where you can place the little things in life’ ticket stubs, magazine clips, recipes, snapshots, love letters, design ideas, pictures, and notes to self. It is faster than scrap booking and is portable too. A smash book can be made from a ringed binder or a note book or you can buy a book from k and company at a craft store or online. They are personal on each page with picture design on each that...

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The Lonely, Good Company of Books

got older it was only going to get more complex. I never quite understood why books like Shakespeare were so important to my education but I was always told it was so I never questioned it. In The Lonely, Good Company of Books, I completely agree with Rodriguez on his claim about the disconnection of young students’ education and reading lists of books. A student’s education is based on way more than just reading books throughout their educational lives. From personal experience to claims made my...

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