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Good afternoon friends
"Instruments that record analyse summarize organize debate and explain information which are illustrative non-llustrative hardbound paperback jacketed non-jacketed with forward introduction, table of contents, index that are indented for the englightnment, understanding enrichment enhancement and education of the human brain thru sensory root of vision... sometimes touch"
I am sure you all must have heard this definition in the movie 3 idiots. yes this is the dictionary definition for a book. But in reality a book is much much simpler than this.
Today my speech is all going to be about persuade each and everyone of you to start developing this habit of reading books.
The reason why I chose this topic today is because, I read a book which ultimately changed my life and changed my perception towards life, this book was The power of positive thinking by Normant Vincent Peale, but well unfortunately this was the only inspirational book I ever read.
The first chapter “Believe in YOURSELF” itself is something which can do wonders.
This is just one example from one book, which I have read. But my personal genre is fiction.
The joy of reading books can't be described in words. It's something that you can understand only by actual experience.

There is much more to life than your work . Reading books gives you that much needed break from the chaos in your life. It instills peace inside you, makes you relaxed and also exercises your brain in the process.

When you read a book, it feels great to put yourself into a different world that the writer has created for you. Ask any avid reader about this and they too will agree that reading a book is same like watching a movie.

When you spend hours and hours reading a book, creating a world with different characters in your mind, your imagination powers are sure to get a boost. Depending upon what you read, you will come out with the same experience as when you watch some really good movie.

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