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The objective of this project is to give students an opportunity to think about and apply the marketing concepts covered in this course in comparing the marketing activities of two competing businesses. This research paper should be written in paragraph form, double spaced, in a 12 font with the preset (normal) margins.   Please use the headings and subheadings listed below (1. History, 2.Industry Overview, etc.) to make your paper flow well. Topics to be addressed in this paper should include (but are not limited to) the following:


1. History and company descriptions
▪ History and background of each business
▪ How has each business changed and evolved over time? What is their primary business? What parts of their business are growing and generate the most revenue? ▪ Summarize each business’ primary strengths and weaknesses, and support your assessment. ▪ What is each company’s current image in the industry and in the minds of consumers? Is this image working for them? • What is the sustainable competitive advantage for each business? • What is the mission statements of each business and does it reflect the company’s competitive advantage

2. Industry Overview
▪ Overview of the industry that the businesses operate in. What is the market size and who is the industry leader? ▪ What external market factors are affecting these businesses and the industry? ▪ What are the key success factors in the industry ▪ Competitive Analysis of the industry

▪ How has the industry changed as a result of ecommerce and technology? ▪ Who are the major customer groups for each business?

3. Marketing Strategy
a. Target Market
o Provide a detailed profile of each company’s primary and secondary target market (demographics, psychographics. etc.)

b. Company Products and...
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