Explaining the Differences Including Advantages and Disadvantages

Topics: Network topology, Ethernet, OSI model Pages: 7 (1607 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Explaining the Differences

Including Advantages and Disadvantages


By Betsy Grissom

Earl Sortor

November 15, 2010


After reading this paper the reader should know how each of the terms works in a computer. The reader will also have knowledge of each terms advantages and disadvantages.

Mesh Topology

A mesh network has a very simple concept. Because of the simple concept a mesh network has fewer chances of breaking down the network. Many possible combinations of routes and hops data transferred can take one way or another to the destination. All of the nodes connect to each other, which makes mesh topology a complete network. The data is automatically configured to take the shortest route. An advantage would be that mesh topology provides redundant paths between devices. A disadvantage is that a mesh topology requires more cables. Complication of implementation is another disadvantage.

Bus Topology

With a bus topology all node on the network shares a common bus, whereas, the nodes also shares communication. Because the bus topology is sharing with others, only one device when transmitting is done one at a time. The bus topology connects each of the nodes to a single line. The single line is typically a coax cable. A protocol determines which computer is to transmit. Advantages to the bus topology if there is a failure at one station the failure will not affect others. Suited for temporary networks of the bus topology setup must be done in a hurry. Bus topologies are also easy to implement and extend. A bus topology does have its disadvantages. Bus topology requires a network to detect when two nodes are transmitting at the same time. If there is a heavy traffic rate a bus topology does not cope well. The bus topology is difficult to troubleshoot. The bus topology has a limit to the number of stations and the cable length. A break in the cable causes the entire network to disable and cost to maintenance could be quite high.

Ring Topology

For communication purpose, every device that has exactly two neighbors is a ring topology. All messages can travel clockwise or counterclockwise. The data passed in one direction is receive by each node. Then the node transfers to the next node. Advantages for the ring topology are that the data transmitted between the two nodes must pass through all the intermediate nodes. Another advantage is that a single central server is not required to manage the ring topology. A disadvantage is that if there are any changes made to the network nodes it will affect the performance of the entire network. Another disadvantage is that if a single node fails the entire network will fail.

Star Topology

Computers and other devices connected to a hub are known as a star topology. Star topology received that name because when everything connected together it looks like a star. After installation the star topology resembles a bicycle wheel. Data transmitted through the cables is connected to the hub. The active central node in a star topology prevents transmission problems. Before data reaches the destination data is transmitted through the hub. The configuration of the star topology is done with the use of optical fiber cable, coaxial cable, or a twisted pair cable. An advantage of using a star topology is that it is easy to wire and install. Another advantage is that the star topology gives a better performance than any other topology. Understanding, navigating, and the working of the star topology are simple to establish. A main disadvantage to the star topology is that if the central hub has errors, then the communication between the systems fail. A limit to the number of networks connected to the hub is another disadvantage. Costly and the complication of wiring the system is another disadvantage.


Categorized by Ethernet is the amount of speed. Ethernet is the most common LAN technology that is being used today. Expressed...

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