NT1310 Unit 3 Exercise 1

Topics: Optical fiber, Coaxial cable, Twisted pair Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 19, 2015

Cabling – Definitions
1.Application- A program running on a computer.
2.Unshielded Twisted-Pair- A pair of copper wires twisted together with no shielding. 3.Fiber-Optic Cable- Cable with one or more glass fibers that uses light to transfer data. 4.Dark Fiber- A fiber that is not carrying light. Used when extra fiber capacity is installed. 5.Coaxial Cable- Twisted-Pair cabling. It’s called coaxial because it has a single conductor surrounded by insulation and then a layer of shielding. 6.Plenum- Air space between walls, floors, drop ceilings used for circulating air in a building. 7.Riser- A space for indoor cables that allow cables to pass between floors, normally a vertical shaft or space. 8.Rip Cord- String built into fiber-optic cable that is used to split the outer jacket of the cable 9.Core- The central part of a fiber optic cable that the light transmitted on. 10.Attenuation- A term that indicates a decrease in power from one point to another. 11.Noise- A signal that interferes with the desired signal passing thru the cable. 12.Headroom- The number of db that a system exceeds the minimum defined requirements. 13.ANSI- The primary organization for developing technology standards in the U.S. 14.NFPA- A U.S organization with international membership, to establish and update fire protection and prevention safeguards. 15.FCC- A government agency that regulates interstate and international communications 16.NIST- A Technology Administration that sets standards as needed by industry or government programs. 17.OSHA- A government agency that makes and enforces rules to provide safe and healthy work environment. 18.Equipment Room- A space set aside for telecommunications equipment that serves the occupants of the building or multiple buildings in a campus environment. 19.Topology- The physical configuration that describes a local communications network, most common topologies is bus, ring and star.
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