Explain the Need for Keeping Records and Describe the Types of Record You Would Maintain in Relation to Teaching and Assessment.

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Explain the need for keeping records and describe the types of record you would maintain in relation to teaching and assessment.

Keeping records is essential to the management and success of the tutor, learner relationship. It also demonstrates that outside factors such as General law, Set regulation and Health & safety are adhered too.

Within the tutor, learner relationship it allows the tutor to gauge the performance, attendance, competence and general wellbeing of the learner and give clear transparency to the relationship. Records can include register, test scores, one to one sessions, and general observations. I would record attendance for the purpose of Health and safety, and as a record of the work that has been covered if a learner is absent. Competence records can include test results, recorded details of conversations to gain set understanding. E.g you said that you understand the off side rule, can you explain it too me?

Outside of the session, records such as attendance, test results and others will demonstrate that set guidelines are being followed or maintained. The register can again show to an outside body that the learner has attended a set number of lessons to pass the course.

Other factors to be considered as to why record keeping is vital include Tutor substitutes. If a relief tutor has to step in, they will be able to view and implement lesson plans to all learners and gives the tutor a good background to them. Also records will benefit in any disagreement between the tutor, learner relationship and can be used as a reference to prove that a certain point has or has not been covered.

In summary record keeping is essential to the relationships between all parties involved, from the governing bodies to the Tutors and learners. It is a safeguard to all parties and acts as evidence of proof.

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