Teaching Assistant Level 2 Assignment 1

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Teaching Assistant Level 2 Assignment 1
Task one

There are four main aspects of a teaching assistant which are too:-

Support the teacher
These tasks can range from:
* Organising the classroom equipment.
* Assisting in preparation for tasks.
* Making sure all equipment is used safely by pupils.
* Ensuring safe use of the internet.
* Displaying of objects either as wall displays or table displays
* Promoting good behaviour in the children. * Observe and record certain elements of the pupil’s academic work therefore taking some pressure off the teacher having to complete all observations themselves.
* Provide clerical assistance e.g. photocopying, typing, collecting money etc.

Support the pupil
There are various ways in which you can support the pupil with the main issues being there:
* Social and emotional development.
* looking for signs of distress and tying to dissolve those issues.
* Making sure you are caring and comforting.
* Deal with any accidents that the pupil may have.
* Making sure the teaching assistant knows and follows the school procedures ensuring a safe environment for the pupil.

Support the curriculum.
In order to support the curriculum the teaching assistant must have
* A good knowledge of the curriculum therefore is able to assist the pupil’s in their learning.
* Being able to deliver learning activities effectively.
* Supporting pupils in understanding instructions.

Support the school.
Every teaching assistant needs to support the school in several different ways:
* Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child promotion, health, safety and security, confidentially and data protection.
* Ensuring all pupils have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop.
* Contribute to overall ethos/work/aims of the school.
* Appreciate and support the role of other professionals.
* Attend relevant meetings.
* Participate in training
* Assist with the supervision of pupils out of lesson time.
* Accompany teaching staff and pupils on visits, trips and

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