Experiment Plan

Topics: Balls, Measurement, Super Ball Pages: 4 (1875 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Experiment Plan

By: Ashley

Project Question: What size of bouncy ball bounces the highest, small, medium, or large?  
* I predict the following will happen (my hypothesis): I predict that the smallest ball will bounce the highest since it is the lightest.| * Independent Variable: I will be changing the ball size. * Dependent Variable: The height of the bounce. * Controlled Variable: The height that I will drop the balls at. | The materials and amounts of each that is needed: MATERIAL| AMOUNT| Bouncy balls| X3 small 4in diameterMedium 5.5in diameterLarge 7.5in diameter| Tape measure| X1|

Blank paper| X4 - 8.5x11|
A pencil | X1|
Sequence of Events Step 1: Set up 4 blank pieces of paper (8.5x11 inches so that the 11 inches is up making the four pieces of paper as high as 44 inches. Then add a marking point 4 inches above the paper this is the dropping point.) Taped to the wall and making sure you have a flat hard surface below in order for the ball to bounce.| | Step 2: Measure the height of 4 feet tall (48 inches), double checking that the drop point is correct this is the place where I will drop all the balls from.| | Step 3: First taking the smallest ball and dropping it from the 4 foot point. Then make a tick mark on the paper where the ball hits the highest.| | Step 4: Then taking the medium size ball and doing the exactly the same as in step three.| | Step 5: Lastly, take the larger ball and repeat the same step. | | Step 6: Repeat steps three through five ten times to get the best results.| | Step 7: Measure in inches each of the tick marks made on the paper, and record the finding onto the data log. This will help you to find out which one bounced the highest. | | Step 8: Then take the 10 measurements for all the small size balls and by using a calculator add the measurements together and then dividing that number by 10 to get the average height ofthe bounce. Then do the same for the...
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