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Topics: Acid, Muscle, Hydrogen Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: March 12, 2015
Every muscle has lactic acid.According to many people Lactic acid is nasty stuff produced in our muscles during exercise, cause soreness, muscle fatigue, does not contribute to exercise performance, muscle does not use it for fuel, and better athletes makes less of it. But they all are wrong or in other words they are a lay. Instead Lactate acid is made of Lactate ion called (Lactate) and Hydrogen Ion. C3H6O3----->C3H5O3++H-

C2H3OHCOOH--------->C2H3OHCOO+ +H-
Hydrogen ion is the acid in lactate acid, it interfere with electrical signals in muscles and nerves, slows energy reactions, and impairs muscle contraction. The burn up we feel in intense exercise is the cause of hydrogen ion. During this experiment(Muscle fatigue lab) it will be seen that after a while of squeezing a small ball there won't be the same amount of energy that was started with first and you will feel a burn in your arms which makes you feel hurt and don't do a lot of squeezing; which is called the hydrogen ion in muscles. The amount of time given is the independent, the number of squeezes are the dependent variable, and the controlled variables are the number of trials during the experiment. Purpose:

The purpose of the Muscle fatigue Lab is to determine How long it takes for our muscles to become tired and full of lactic acid. Hypothesis:
The independent variable(time) and the controlled Variable(number of trials) will change the Dependent variable(the number of squeezing) by producing too many hydrogen ions from lactic acid. Materials:

1. Small ball
2. Clothes pin
3. Iced water
4. Stopwatch
1. First get into groups of two at least and get ready all the materials listed above. 2. First get a small ball, squeeze it for 10 seconds and record the data, for being more accurate don't do long time spaces between trials. then do 10 trials with a max of 2 seconds space. 3. Second get the clothes pin and do 10 trials of pushing the clothespin with only a 2...
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