Activity Lab # 4: Non Uniform Motion

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Activity Lab #4 : Non-Uniform motion

Aspect 1

* Problem: What is the acceleration of the puck in the air table?
Aspect 3

Material List: * Strip of Paper * Puck * Foot pedal * Air table * Procedure:
1) Place a long sheet of white unlined paper, and place it on the air table.
2) Turn on the air table machine.
3) Place the puck top of the air table over the long sheet of white unlined paper
4) Using your foot, press down on the foot pedal.
5) Release the puck from the top of the air table and continue to hold onto the foot pedal.
6) Once the puck has gone over the long white unlined paper, release the foot pedal.
7) Turn off the machine
8) Take the long white unlined paper and measure the points and analyze the results.
Data Collection and Processing

Aspect 1
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Firstly, When measuring the distance between the points that was burnt into the piece of paper by the air puck and then, dividing the time (0.05s) per point, we can conclude that uniform motion was not achieved. I can tell that there is a lack of uniform trend by observing the measurements. Secondly, uniform motion occurs only when an object travels at a constant velocity. By looking at the velocity is a function of time graph, we can tell that the best fit line is not a horizontal line, which means that the velocities are not the same, which also proves that the movement of the puck is not in uniform motion. Lastly, acceleration is determined by calculating the slope of the line on a velocity as a function of time graph which is 0.9ms-2. Acceleration indicates the motion of an object. If the acceleration does not equal to zero, then the object is not moving at a constant velocity or speed, because velocity (or speed) is changing. This indicates that the puck in the air table is not moving at a constant velocity as well. There are some systematic and random

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