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Student Guide
Laboratory: Drop and Bounce
Different matter responds differently to force. In this lab, you will explore the relationship between matter and energy by dropping objects made of different materials from different heights to see how high they bounce.
You will be dropping these objects in a virtual lab setting where objects behave the same as they would in the real world.
Goals for the Lesson
Solve a problem using the scientific method.
Use the metric system in a scientific experiment.
Plot an independent variable against a dependent variable to make a graph.
Use graphs to characterize how drop height responds to bounce height.
Describe and predict physical interactions of matter.
Student Guide
Laboratory Guidelines
Drop and Bounce Virtual Lab
As you read through the lesson online, use the space below to take notes. You will need your notes to study for tests.
How can you characterize the relationship between bounce and drop?

Review the Laboratory Guidelines before conducting the lab.
Use the space below to take notes as you complete the experiment. You will need your notes to study for tests.

Think about different materials that are used to make sports balls. Why don’t we use just one type of material for tennis balls, baseballs, and golf balls? Since each ball must behave differently in play, the material making up each one must be different, too. In this experiment, you will characterize how different materials behave when they are dropped.
You will consider two variables—drop height and bounce height—to try to determine how drop height affects bounce height. You probably understand that a higher drop height will result in a higher bounce height, but in this experiment, your objective is to find out how one affects the other. For example, is the bounce height equal to 100% of the drop height or 50% of the drop height? Does the relationship change at

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