Epip Action Plan

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Action Plan
Football skills:
Passing with instep to feet
slide tackle
throw in
controlling the ball

Key coaching points

Passing with in step - you’d be told to keep an eye on the person your passing to open your body up, put your non kicking foot besides the ball pointing to where you want the pass to go, make contact using the instep of the striking foot and kick the ball, after contact with the ball follow through it.

Slide tackle - make sure you keep your eye on the ball go in one footed sliding along the ground coming in from the side making minimum contact with the player, you must get the ball.

Dribbling – keep your eye on the ball but at the same time every so often look up to see surrounding players, you can either keep the ball close to your feet or kick it slightly ahead and run with it, using a change in pace or stopping and going method is also effective to get past players.

Header – to perform a header u must keep your eye on the ball and jump to meet it at its highest point, making contact with the ball using your forehead.

Throw in- Hold the ball in both hands bend your elbows pull your arms back so the ball is behind your head make a run up to the side line and whilst keeping two feet on the ball release it in a catapult like fashion when the ball is above your head.

Controlling the ball- You can control the ball by using a variety of parts of your body as long as it is cushioned. For example a pass could be received from a team mate along the floor so the receiving player moves his leg back in the direction the ball is going to cushion and slow the momentum of the ball down to gain control of it.

Progressive practices

Passing with instep-
1) Could pair up with another player and pass back and forth with a 5-10 metre distance between them. 2) Pass the ball in-between two cones spaced half a metre apart at a distance of 15 metres away. 3) Get a group of 6 players 3 each team, there only allowed 2 touches at a time and must past it amongst their team mates with the aim to keep the ball. This should improve first touch and passing accuracy

Slide tackle-
1) Get a player to run down the side line at a slow pace and come in from the side running after them and slide tackle. 2) Get a player to run at a fast pace down the wing do a turn and then continue running down the line then perform the slide tackle. 3) Get a player to run at a slow pace with the ball, give them a 5 second head start then run after them get beside them and make the slide tackle.

1) Set up three cones spaced metres apart and practice with a football weaving in and out of each back and forth. 2) Practice running towards the goal with the ball with a defender in between only jockeying you. 3) Run with the ball towards the goal with a defender trying to get the ball off you not jockeying.

Header –
1) Run up and down the sideline and every 3 strides jump up as if you were going to head a football. 2) Stand opposite a partner, have your partner throw the ball up towards you and you have to head it back to them using your forehead into their hands. 3) Like the above exercise have your partner throw the ball up to you and head it back to them but this time run backwards after heading it.

Throw in-
1) Practice by keeping both feet on the ground and without a ball do the throw in action. 2) Keep both feet on the ground and with a ball practices the throw towards a partner 10 metres in front of you. 3) Do a 2 step run up to the sideline and with the ball throw it to a partner 10 metres in front of you. Controlling the ball-

1) opposite a partner have them pass the ball to you along the floor and control the ball with the instep of your foot and pass it back with the other foot. 2) Again with a partner have them play through a lofted pass to you and control it with your foot bringing it down to the ground. 3) Have the ball played through to you over the top of your head...
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