existence of evil

Topics: Philosophy of religion, God, Good and evil Pages: 6 (2371 words) Published: November 26, 2013

Evil exists today in the world we live. People will always try to bring good in this world, but evil seems to be in people’s everyday life or in their surroundings. Good and evil are constantly happening to someone or someone is doing good or evil. A lot of philosophers argued that God does not exist because evil exist, and that if there is God then he would have gotten rid of evil. Although other philosophers argue that yes God exist, but so does evil because it is necessary to keep a balance in the world where humans live in. The main philosophers who will discuss why evil exist and if God himself exists as well are John Hick and B.C. Johnson. John Hick’s reason for his argument on the existence of Evil is more convincing and logically true than B.C. Johnson’s reason for his argument.

Hick believes in Evil being necessary in this world and that God exists with it as well. To back up his belief Hick gives examples and uses a theology called soul making theodicy. This theodicy explains how human character is formed or made. This shows that it’s because of all the evil and good that happens that people truly know themselves and develop their own character traits that are considered good. It also explains the reason for evil’s existence and how God can allow evil in this world. Evil is necessary to a certain extent because people can learn better from all the bad things that happen around them, and that there will be more good. Basically Hick says that there needs to be a larger amount of good and a small amount of evil to show that God is good and people will find their way by avoiding the small amount of evil they are exposed to and act upon the good. Hick uses the two types of evil to explain his point on the excessive amount of good that is in this world which are the Moral evil and Natural evil. Moral evil is considered to be caused by people on themselves or animals. Mostly moral evil showed through criminals of any kind because they are people who bring evil themselves on others. Also the second evil is known as natural evil which is evil that no one is able to control and that it happens on its own. Natural evil is all the natural disasters that happen in this world. In addition Hick explains how free will is connected to moral evil. People have to decide and choose on their own what they want to do and God doesn’t intervene with their actions because if he does, then he is taking their freedom. Hick doesn’t think a person could be caused to actually decide a good character on their own because he follows the definition of free will on hard determinism and libertarian where people need to stop the motive from changing the will in order to have freedom. Also moral evil is necessary and that God is true to his goodness in allowing people to choose their path of goodness because this allows the large amount of good and free will. Moreover natural evil and the uncountable goodness are necessary for humans to be able to make the good development and it shows that God is sticking to his goodness as well. Overall this argument shows the reason why evil should exist in order to have humans learn from their bad deeds and have goodness in this world. Hick’s Hedonistic Paradise Argument

1. If God made a world where its paradise, to make possible this continual series of individual adjustments, nature would have to work by “special providences” instead of running according to general laws which men must learn to respect on penalty of pain or death. The laws of nature would have to be extremely flexible: sometimes gravity would operate, sometimes not; sometimes an object would be hard and solid, sometimes soft. 2. One can at least begin to imagine such a world. It is evident that our present ethical concepts would have no meaning in it. If, for example, the notion of harming someone is an essential element in the concept of a wrong action, in our hedonistic paradise there could be no wrong actions-nor any...
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