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I love languages because, in my opinion, learning a language is like watching a new movie. While you are watching, every scene, every word of the characters give you some clues about the story and in every minute of that movie, you are looking for new clues to put them into suitable places in your mind, like doing a puzzle. Teaching a language makes you feel like you are acting in that movie as your favorite character.

As a foreign language, English has been my passion since I was a child. After I learned how to read and write properly, I started to go to the bookstore with my mother to buy new books every month. It was the thing that I enjoyed the most in those days. One day I saw an advertisement on TV saying that a newspaper would give story books written in English every week as gifts for children, so I started to collect those books and to read them. I started to listen to songs for children in English, that was my introduction to the English language. All these story books, cards and dictionaries full of colorful pictures were not as good as the ones that we have today, but they were enough to make ‘English’ my passion.

Learning English gives you a great chance to meet new people from all over the world, to learn about their countries, to learn how they live, what they eat and how they eat, to decide which places are the best to visit, and to tell them about your own country, your food, your culture and yourself. English is the most common language, so even though neither person knows the other’s mother language, it is possible for them to understand each other and make friends easily. If you know English as a second language, you can read the books you don’t have the chance to find in your country, because they are not translated into your language. You can also read news from all sites on the internet by wearing the glasses of other reporters who do not live in your country. Also, in today’s competitive world, English as a second language...
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