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English is the most important language in the world

By Barnii May 08, 2015 723 Words
Monica Ruvalcaba
Mr. Yarbrough
ENGL 0301

English is one of the most important language and talk around the world. Such language is relevant to work, in the daily and social life in my country and various parts of the world’s trade. Learning English can access to better education no limited to universities. It is also important because it show other cultures, style life and different ways to think. It will give you this way to see yourself with other eyes, and perhaps discover it or aspects of your culture in which had not considered before. Now in days speak ingles help in many ways for example: English opens the door for better opportunities of work, more communication with the family and be more social life. To learn English could improve your life and personal a satisfaction. Perhaps for many of the people who are living in United State it is something common and daily to speak English, but not in my case. Since my parents are from Mexican and I grew in the country of Mexico. My natural language was the same thing that in that of my growth. Since my parents did not know English they taught their culture and t their language was entering inside. My first language is Spanish. I grew up speaking Spanish this language until at certain age I realized that English is very important to succeed in many areas. At this point I felt that learn English was something impossible to reach. My mother enrolled me in 8th grade at Fort Hancock School where I started to learn English. I remember my first day of class I felt very nervous but at the same time I felt very happy because finally achieve my dream it was to learn English. Also remember that I coming to class and I sat down alone and I was thinking that my life was going to change very much, but also I thought in how I’m going to understand everything what the teacher is going to say ? To the few seconds the class started and of course I do not understand anything, I felt the teacher was speaking in Chinese. Suddenly I stared to felt very frustrated because I did not understand anything I was not used to it. When all classes ended up I arrive to my house crying and very depressed. The fallowing days were the same nothing changed. Every time I felt fear, distraught and anxious because my classmates made fun of me just because I did not know English. Little by little this was affecting me to the point that I lost my confidence on myself. Until one day I decide to not continue with this. I get tired of crying feel disappointed on me and I realized that I am not going to get anywhere with this attitude. I decide to start to put all my best. My only motivation was my family the only thing I want was to keep going and be something in life I want that my family feel proud of me. My encouragement was demonstrate to all my classmate that I can could learn English and I could be better than them. I leaned from this experience that most of the people that get so focus by the first inaccuracies, and also people are very discriminatory and not allowed to grow to the people who really have the desire to move forward. The way how I learned English was very cool because I have English as a second language classes. I still remember the name of my teacher Elena Rodriguez. She was a very nice personal she always help me to improve my English. I am grateful to her because she had too much patience and thanks for her I recover my confidence of myself, and Elena Rodriguez motivated me to do better every day; also loved the way she teach. I realize that I can reach my dream just was to putting all my best. I remember that I awake up very excited because I knew that I would learn something new. Now I grateful with English because I finished my high school. Now I can go to the store without fear that they ask something I did not understand. I can communicate with more people e


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