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Topics: Environmentalism, Natural environment, Natural resource Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: February 14, 2013
How can we protect our natural environment?
The environment is our planet. It provides us with natural resources that are used for everything. It needs to be protected and so future generations can leave with no environmental problems as we are facing nowadays. Some countries develop with sustainability, this means that hey use the resources tht the planet provides in an efficient way so future generations can use them. To begin with, we can protect our natural environment by doing simple things that everyone can do. For example we can protect the environment by using the less we can the electricity, or by not throwing the garbage to the floor, instead yo toss it in the trash can , we can also recycle. Using public transports is another way to protect the planet, this is because there are less cars used and this causes less polution. Industries are trying to use there resources in an efficient way and ussing alternative sources of energy to cause less polution. Moreover there are three R’s that will make us protect our planet. This three words are very important: recycle, reuse and renewable. Recycle means to use already used products to make new ones so they do not produce more and use more natural resources. For example the empty bottel of a coke, they refill the empty glass bottel so they do not produce more bottles. Reuse is bonded to recycle is means to use again like the coke i just mentioned. Last is renewable it is about using a product that has not one use, it can be used as many times as you want. For example instead of using plastic glasses you use a normal glass, beacuase you use it, then you wash it and then you can use it again. Last but not least another way to protect our environment are the alternative sources of energy. Most of the planet’s energy produced is nuclear or with coal. Studies are being made and some are used nowadays of these alternative sources of energy that are renewable. For example the energy is produced by using the ocean,...
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