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Module One Quiz

By sheelpatel11 Dec 23, 2014 433 Words

This assignment assesses lecture and textbook understanding; use those resources to answer the 10 questions below in at least two solid sentences each. Work must be written in your own words and adhere to proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics.

I. Lecture
A. How do human actions disrupt the proper functioning of ecosystems? There are two ways that humans disrupt the proper functioning of ecosystems. One is by altering the structure of natural landscapes. Tearing down trees, which can be homes to different wildlife species, can do this. Another way humans disrupt the functioning of ecosystems is by altering soil composition.

B. What is ecosystem stewardship?
Ecosystem stewardship is an action-focused framework intended to promote the social-ecological sustainability of this rapidly changing planet. It also includes recognizing the fact that natural and human systems are interdependent.

C. Why is the scientific method important to resource management? The scientific method is important to resource management because it helps promote the understanding of cause and effect relationships between human activity and ecosystem functioning. It is also important because following an impartial line helps to avoid bias.

II. Textbook
D. What current states of the planet indicate that humans are negatively impacting ecosystems? The textbook discusses 4 current states of the planet that are negatively impacting ecosystems. These are human population growth, ecosystem decline, global climate change, and loss of bio-diversity. In reference to Global Warming, in 2012, humans burned approximately 89 million barrels of oil, 340 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and 17 million tons of coal.

E. What does the term environment encompass?
Environment is a broad concept and refers to a variety of things. It includes the natural world, human societies, and the human-built world.

F. How do the concepts of sound science, sustainability, and stewardship relate? The three concepts relate to each other because they vital ideals that can move societies toward a sustainable future. In order for this to happen, they must be applied to public policies and private environmental actions.

G. Why has globalization led to economic and environmental change? The increased distribution of information has led to people buying more environmentally friendly goods which is a positive effect of globalization. The negative effect it has includes the worldwide spread of emerging diseases.

H. What is the difference between “natural resources” and “ecosystem capital”? Natural resources are the actual materials, which doesn’t include their monetary value. Ecosystem capital refers to the value, which is attached to the ecosystem.

I. Why do common-pool resources often suffer from heavier exploitation?

J. What are some ways in which forest and ocean ecosystems are under pressure?

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