Biol 101 Hw1

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BIOL 101
September 15, 2012
Assignment 1

Chapter 1
2. What is Homeostasis, and why is it important? Give some examples that show how systems work together to maintain homeostasis?
Homeostasis is a term used to describe an internal environment being in a state of constant conditions, such as constant temperature, pH, and etc. It is important because staying at an equilibrium requires the least amount of energy and provides the perfect environment for desired reactions to occur. If at any given time, the equilibrium is disturbed and the homeostasis shifts, then internal environment becomes stressed and favored reactions do not take place. Blood pH is an example of homeostasis where the right concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen exists using buffers exists to keep a favorable environment where it is not too acidic and not too basic. Another example is body temperature where the body has to maintain 37 degrees Celsius in order for majority of the enzymes in the body can function properly. 3. How do human activities threaten the biosphere?

Human activities threaten the biosphere by overpopulation and releasing chemicals into the air that interfere with natural processes and destroy other species' populations. 4. Discuss the importance of a scientific theory, and describe several theories basic to understanding biological principles.

Scientific theories are terms used to describe the way the natural world functions. Such examples are, cells are the basic unit of a living organism, homeostasis is the internal environment all living organisms must maintain at equilibrium, genes code for the formation of an organism, evolution leads to many different species that can adapt to the changing environment from one common ancestor and populations of organisms all interact with each other. 7. What is a control group and what is the importance of a control group in a controlled study?

The control group is the group of individuals that are not given any...
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