Is Humankind Dangerously Harming the Environment?

Topics: Natural environment, Carbon dioxide, Agriculture, Environment, Ecology / Pages: 5 (1146 words) / Published: Mar 11th, 2011
Is Humankind Dangerously Harming the Environment?
The issue of whether mankind is dangerously or negatively harming the environment has been a debate over a long period of time. Individuals and scholars make quite compelling arguments on either spectrum of the issue. From the argument between Lester Brown and Bjorn Lomborg, it is evident that the debates on this issue may continue for a much longer period of time. Both authors did agree to some extent that humans do deplete the earth’s resources; however Lester Brown had a more sonorous argument because he equated the effects of such depletions towards the livelihood of mankind.
Though opposing, both authors agree on some key issues regarding the environment which are highly supported by Lester Brown in his argument. Firstly, both authors agree that species are becoming extinct and the forest are depleting. Lester acknowledges that the world economy is increasing at a rapid rate, and that economic growth is presently the main goal of governments today. However the demands of such growth, far exceeds the many of the planet’s natural capacities (p. 312). He also acknowledges that the “growth in grain harvests has fallen behind the growth in population” (p. 313). Lester laments on the fact that the cumulative effects of soil erosion on land productivity, the loss of cropland to desertification, and the accelerating conversion of cropland to non-farm uses are all environmental trends that contribute to the global loss of species and forests (p. 313). Bjorn is quoted on p. 320 as admitting that species are indeed becoming extinct, “Third, although species are indeed becoming extinct…” Lester states that food insecurity would soon be the main focus of national governments, overshadowing the issue of terrorism. Secondly, both authors agree to some extent that pollution, predominantly carbon dioxide emissions, is a factor that effects the environment negatively. Since carbon dioxide is proven to be the cause of the

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