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Topics: Grammatical person, Pronoun, English language Pages: 2 (900 words) Published: October 10, 2014
 The first grouping I have chosen is C, D and E. These three extracts have the same mode, which is to be read. Extract C is an account written in first person we know this as he uses a first person singular pronoun ‘I’. He uses personal pronouns as it is the man’s account of what happened at the time of the event, the extract is him recalling personal events. We know from the content it is to be read as it is evidence of an eye witness given to the US enquiry into the sinking of the Titanic, therefore investigators will be reading the account. Text D is an extract from ‘The passionate Shepard to his love’ by Christopher Marlow its mode is also to be read as it is a poem. Poems are also written to be heard but the second mode is to be read as most of its audience will read it. We can see it is written to be heard with the phonology of the words ‘fields’ ‘yields’. These words rhyme and make it easy for the reader to read, also the graphology of the extract as it is written in a stanza in short lines means it can be read and heard fluently. Extract E is an extract from Microsoft windows installation manual. It is a text to be read as it links back to the context of it being a manual to instruct. Its graphology shows us it is to be read as it shows pictures for examples of how to set it up and it is built pointed so it is simple for people who are struggling with downloading the windows program and they will need the easy and clear to read instructions. The second reason I have grouped...
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