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Topics: Emotion, Audience theory, Audience Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: July 13, 2013
Distinctively visual representations allow the audience to envisage different purposes crafting emotions which stay with us forever. Graphic depiction is a fundamental characteristic within distinctively visual, thus the audience is able to be exposed to the intense illustrations exemplified by composers. Spudvilla’s portrayal of “Woolvs in the sitee” demonstrates the child’s inability to reconcile with himself. Contrasting to this notion; the playwright “Shoe-horn Sonata” to expose the brutal reality of POW camps during WWII. Therefore, distinctively visual forces the audience to succumb to the barriers society creates.

It is through distinctively visual representations and graphic depiction that allows the audience to develop a sense of empathy. Intense techniques are ideally created so the audience is able to envisage events with a specific visual, providing a lasting impact on the mind and in the heart of the audience. Misto depicts mixed media to visually stimulate his audience by using historical images which create  distinctively visual images of women confined in the camps. Images of unwell, malnourished women kept hostage by Japanese elucidates the audiences’ emotions, expressing the brutal reality of war. Misto’s precise use of dialogue; “You don’t know what Christmas is like in camp, Hungry women- dirty rice.” The connotation of “Christmas” connects the audience with the dialogue, consuming their emotions exemplifying and making the audience consolidate the real heartbreaking horror of war. Misto’s remarkably clever use of lighting/lighting effects during act one, scene one where only Bridie is evident on the stage, as well as the voice; The spotlight is just on Bridie which indicates isolation of Bridie and exemplifies the differences between Bridie and Sheila, which evidently makes the play more cohesive. The composer carefully masters the audience, forcing them to visualise the horrors of war. Distinctive images deliver the key themes behind the...
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