Eleven ways to combat work-related stress and make your work environment a happier, healthier experience

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Eleven ways to combat work-related stress and make your work environment a happier, healthier experience. Published February 23, 2011 by Kathie Must
1. Take back some control.
There are lots of things that happen at work that are not within your control. But, try to look at what is within your control. You may not be able to control events that happen around you, but you can control your response to those events. Ask yourself, where can I get control in my work environment? Where can I get some job satisfaction and job challenge? What can I do with what I’ve got? 2. Look for new challenges.

Try to find something each day that provides a challenge, even if it is just a different way of looking at routine tasks. Challenge creates excitement. It motivates and revitalizes and puts the wind back in our sails.Constant changes in role definitions seem to be the norm these days! If your role at work has drastically altered course, remember, you still have choices. You can sit back and say look what they’ve done to me and be miserable. Or, you can look at new opportunities and new challenges to put your positive energy toward. 3. Strike a balance between work and play.

In any stressful work situation, it is important to maintain a balanced life. Remember you are more than your occupation. Enrich your life in other areas. Involve yourself in activities outside of work. If you get satisfaction at other things, it provides a better perspective at work. Gain strength from the areas in your life where things are going well. Stressors at work may seem less overwhelming and more manageable when you are happier overall. 4. Derive support from colleagues.

We all need a lot more support from our colleagues in the workplace these days. Little things mean a lot, like potluck lunches and birthday celebrations. Keeping that sense of humour in the workplace can help build connections. In work environments such as social service agencies where counsellors listen to horror stories...
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