How to Survive Another Day of Work (Instructional)

Topics: Minimum wage, English-language films, Personal life Pages: 2 (877 words) Published: March 12, 2013
How to get Through Work, and Live a Happy Life
Work can often times be a stressful experience for many individuals. There are many things that happen on a regular basis that can often affect the happiness of others and yourself. Things such as; your level of work, how much you get paid, coworkers, and even YOU. Your reactions to situations at work often are the reason why you can get so worked up or stressed out. Number one is staying positive. There is something out there called “The Law of Attraction.” Some believe that this is just a hoax and that it does not work. While others go on to make a lifestyle out of it and make their lives inevitably happy. I believe it is a happy medium with it. The law of attraction is a theory that when you think positive, and know positive, you will get positive. Then of course if you think negative you will get negative. There are many different situations this can be used in, but one example is this. Imagine yourself in an environment surrounded by stress, you have a job that is more of a hassle then its worth, a failing marriage and kids, and you are in debt and expecting things to go worse. Now imagine that situation but with a positive spin. Say you are in that dark hole of life, but you decided to think positive for a change. You change your entire attitude and outlook on life and expect positive always. Imagine always showing up to your job with a smile on your face every day that makes the whole room happier. Then going home to your spouse with a gift and making them happy. Then taking your kids out to ice cream and watching them have a positive reaction. Sure enough there will be checks in the mail rather than bills. The law of attraction isn’t a way of life some people make it out to be. It is just a change in general attitude and will inevitably make you a happy person. Try looking in the mirror every morning and faking a smile. Do that every day and that will even help. Just always stay...
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