Music & Stress Relief

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Music and Stress Relief: Let Music Be A Healer!

Relation between music and stress levels

Who is not familiar with the evocation of various moods created by stray sounds of music that accidentally waft into our ears – sometimes without our being conscious of it? You sure are familiar with the power of music since your childhood: your mother used lullabies to soothe you to sleep – she was effectively using music for stress relief.

A study conducted at the University of Buffalo, on the effect of music on the patients undergoing eye surgery, showed reduced stress levels during and after the event. These patients also exhibited lowered heart rate and blood pressure. A study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing showed that listening to music for 45 minutes prior to bedtime helped older adults sleep better and longer. It also improved the quality of their sleep.

Why music and stress cannot coexist

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When you listen to music of your liking, it changes your state of mind: you tend to forget your surroundings and are immersed in the sea of sounds. It is like you have entered another world, free of tensions, anxieties and many other petty things of life. Listening to music decreases the levels of adrenalin and increases those of serotonin. These conditions are associated with meditative states or when you are going through a creative period. Now, whether, these changes are caused by change in mood or they are the cause is not important to us. What is important is that music relaxes you, makes the pain less acute and hastens the recovery processes of body and mind. Enjoy your favorite music and stress levels will come down, leaving you with more space to deal with the problems. When you are in a positive state of mind, you are not dominated by the pressures of tensions and stresses and anxieties of life, and you are able to take somewhat dispassionate view of the situation, which otherwise would not have been possible. For coming out of weighty problems it is essential to make them less pressing, smaller and manageable. When you are stressed for a long time and are relentlessly think about a problem, it takes on huge dimensions and it seems well nigh impossible to come out of it. Only when you slightly reduce its proportions, lessen its importance in some way, and take a bird eye view, remembering all the things that are really important in your life, that you become capable of taking some steps to combat it and resolve it.

Music and stress: glass is half empty or full

What the hell, life is full of problems, some of them unsolvable, but you have to live your life and pay attention to the other things regarding which you can take some steps. In other words, you have to live life. You got only one. Listening to music makes life livable! Listening to your favorite songs or music transports you to happy memories, and happy days, and more happy days that are yet to come. The one mistake that you may commit is ignoring the importance of such simple things of life like listening to music, when you are under stress and tensions of life. Besides enjoying such simple things as taking a walk, talking to children, meeting with old friends, don’t forget the nostalgic songs and melodies; take out your old CDs, or download relaxation music, and sit and play the music and listen to it, and try to relax. Your problems and tensions will not go away, but definitely you will come back renewed and refreshed and in a more positive state of mind. What is not important is whether or not there are tensions in your life: what is definitely important is what steps you take to deal with them. To remain updated on this and other topics Subscribe to email Newsletter and receive Free Gifts.

Music and Stress Relief: How To Use Music In Your Daily Life

Music: A Stress Relief Tool For All Occasions

Music can affect the body in many health-promoting ways, which is...
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