Hrm 594 Project Proposal

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Problem solving Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Recent developments in Job analysis

Keller Graduate School of Management


Today’s society workers are experiencing a high level of job related stress and do not enjoy the quality of their work life. When stress occurs in the work environment the effects of the stimulus throws the individuals body and mental function off balance. Psychologists today refer to an individual who is not comfortable with their work environment in a state of “inequilibrium.” The individuals mind, ability, skills and goals no longer compliment the job which will also include the co-workers, boss, job details and compensation systems. The persons lack of function in the person/environment situation can be costly in many ways including: “subjective (feeling fatigued), behavioral (accident prone), cognitive (a mental block), physiological (elevated blood pressure) and/or organizational (higher absence rate)( ).” Organizations in conjunction to this new prognosis are combating this new dilemma with the use of instigated programs designed to lower stress and target the issues bothering the employee. The second approach is to deal with the factors individually and organizationally through programs such as meditation, exercise, training, diet, and even prayer. This sort of process also involves changing work policies, structure, and job requirements. Identifiable programs include worker participation, Autonomous work groups, union management problem solving ventures, participation work design, profit sharing plans, and employee stock ownership. Each program is designed to improve the employee’s feelings of involvement and desire to be heard. Technical and human requirements are kept in mind to reduce absenteeism and lower turnover rates. Areas to be addressed include choices for conducting work analysis such as descriptor, rating scales, methods to use, the O’net system, Implications of role expectations, extending work analysis to the team level and models of role...

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