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Egypt was and will be one of the best countries ever. Egypt from many years till now is facing so many problems. Some of these problems are increasing and some are decreasing. But all of them have a solution. This problems that Egypt is facing are finding garbage everywhere, having extra population which will lead to have driving horrible, having pollution in every single thing, finding poor people in every single thing, finding poor people in every single street that you walk in, and there are many slums that are starting to grow more and more. Feeling unsafe in your country is also one of this horrible things that we are facing. There are so much accidents that are happening these days that make you feel scared of going out of your house. Feeling so bored of everything that closes early because of the curfew. Do you think after all of these problems would anyone from the outside countries think to visit Egypt?? NO one would like to visit Egypt because of the problems that Egypt is facing. How can we fix and improve the traffic, garbage, pollution, population, poor people, slums, and tourism problems? First for the pollution and garbage you can do it by not throwing anything on the floors, streets, or in the water. And to start cleaning your country. Second for the poor people and slums... Every Egyptian citizen should give out money for a special company that will provide for them good education and good medical treatment and apartments that they will live in. Third, is the extra population and traffic... you can save this by building the other places and lands in Egypt. And by this way tourism will return back and tourists will be happy by visiting Egypt as before…….. THIS IS HOW I CAN IMPROVE MY COUNTRY
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