25th january revolution

Topics: Wage, Minimum wage, Egypt Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 12, 2013
 The 25th January revolution aimed to freedom, justice, and social equality. Egyptians wanted to live a life where they can buy simple goods in order to live. The issue of poor wages and working conditions has been widely debated in Egypt after the revolution and also before it. The wages are not enough in order to live an acceptable life. If the people are working and still not living a presentable life at least, then this is the problem of the government to re-establish a new wage system and to implement it as soon as possible. Egyptians want to touch and feel the change after the revolution. Actually, the government is trying to solve the problem of the poor wages but Egyptians have not seen any change in the system yet. The issue of setting a minimum wage is not the only problem, but also determining a maximum wage to executives and chiefs. During Mubarak's regime, most of the ministers and chiefs in the government had high salaries compared to what the regular worker takes. So what led to the current situation? Is it the corruption during Mubarak's regime, or the lack of ethics among the government officials who put the laws? Both reasons resulted in a badly chosen wage system that led to social inequality and injustice. During Mubarak's rule, it was known to everyone that people holding respectable positions in the government get salaries that may reach to hundred thousand pounds but this is just the salary or the official amount that is known to the people. There were other benefits that they got due to the corruption in the system of Mubarak. For example, cars, villas, bribes and so on. The big men in the government forgot the poor Egyptians who cannot buy enough food to live. The main problem of wages in Egypt is that there is a huge gap between the minimum wage and the maximum wage. Another issue is that the prices of most goods in the market increase while the salary remains the same. So how can the people handle this...
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