Cause of Revolution

Topics: Communism, Revolution, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: January 28, 2012
Causes of Revolution
Katrina Santayana
Dr. Toi Dennis

There are many definitions to the word revolution. For the most part, it basically means that there are rapid changes in the values and myths of society as far as government, politics, social structure, and leadership. They all have a negative process that can be from wars, coups, and revolts all for one positive outcome, independence. (Handelman, 228) The question is, what are the causes of revolution and why? Such causes may include past history, the decrease in economy, and just the many challenges that third world countries face to spark the interest of a revolution.

History can possibly be one of the biggest impacts on revolution. All it takes is one person to influence the thought of being in command. In my opinion, I believe that the one person to do that is Karl Marx. Karl Marx was one who wanted to be in control. He argued that who ever were in command of the economic system, should also run the state as well. (Handelman 228) This caused a lot of communist outbursts throughout the world that affected some countries such as Russia, China, Cuba, and Argentina. These revolutions were all intended for a positive outcome. There was hope for a more industrialized, stable economy and overthrow capitalism. “While all of them demonstrated that communist revolutions could take place in countries that are not highly industrialized, those leaders still adhered to Marx’s theory of history and his vision of class struggle”. (Handelman 229).

Another cause that may lead to a revolution is the status of the economy and the different challenges that country may face. Due to the way of living and morals of socialization, there may be a struggle financially. This can cause a revolutionary interest to begin. For example, the war that is going on for the oil in the Middle East may be an act of panic. This can also be the failure of not being able to have a successful government,...
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