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 1. Clarissa is considering two job offers. One has an annual salary of $61.1K and the other has an annual salary of $63.4K. What is the difference in the weekly pay for these two jobs? 63,400-61100=2,300 2. Mr. Leonard took a job through an employment agency. The job pays $88K per year. He must pay a fee to the employment agency of 22% of his first four weeks’ pay. How much money must Mr. Leonard pay the agency, to the nearest cent? 88,000/12=7,333.3 ...

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Executive Salaries: Do they deserve their salary?

knowledgeable enough to perform well in executive positions. That makes the ones that are, a hot commodity. Thus allowing them to demand the high pay that they earn. When the public sees a salary that they consider to be too big, they are usually looking at only half of the picture. It is impossible to look at just the salary, without taking any other factors into consideration. One must look at the amount of earnings, compared to the profits of the company. Most jobs are clear-cut. A person has a designated...

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Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing

Salary inequities at Acme Manufacturing  Joe Black was trying to figure out what to do about a problem salary situation he had in his plant. Black recently took over as president of Acme Manufacturing. The founder and former president, Bill George, had been president for 35 years. The company was family owned and located in a small eastern Arkansas town. It had approximately 250 employees and was the largest employer in the community. Black was the member of the family that owned Acme, but he...

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Professional Athletes' Salaries

Sport Athletes’ Salaries Are professional athletes overpaid? This topic has been argued for some time now. It is said that pro athletes are paid way too much money for playing a sport. On the other side, there are the ones that say that the money is fairly deserved because of their hard work to get to where they are. Should pro athletes' salaries drop or stay as is? Do the top athletes deserve their pay? Athletes deserve the money they receive because of their hard work, dedication...

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raise nc teacher salary

Raise the Nc teacher salary \ North Carolina has some the lowest state employee salaries in the United States, but the one that stands out from all the rest is the annual salary peid to the states teachers in the educational system. Education for the nations youth is one of the first priorities of the state as well as the nation a, in order to help students in the present as well as the future prosper the state should allow room in its budget to raise all teachers salaries. Its a pretty simple...

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Acme: Gender and Sizable Salary Increase

have to pay considerable back wages. * And if he increase the salary of female supervisors, male supervisors would be upset , * HR director agreed to take a sizable salary increase with no back pay, so this part of the problem was solved. Black believed he had four choices relative to the female supervisors: 1. To do nothing 2. To gradually increase the female supervisors' salaries. 3. To increase their salaries immediately. 4. To call the three supervisors into his office...

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Payroll: Salary and Union Dues O.t.

NOVEMBER 20 PAYROLL Glo-Brite Paint Company Employee List 11/20/-- Emp. Employee Soc. Sec./ # Pay G.L. Salary/ No. Name/Address Mar. Stat. Periods Acct. Rate 100 BONNO, Anthony Victor 537-10-3481 26 54 17.65 694 Bristol Avenue Married...

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Ob Assignment-When Salaries Arent Secret

OB Assignment : When salaries are or aren’t secret: A Comparative analysis in regard to the Behaviour level of the employees Case 1: Where Salaries Are Secret Company under consideration: Kent Builders and Developers No. of employees under consideration: 10 Company details: Kent Builders and Developers is a residential housing developer based in Pune, India. With multiple projects under construction, this multi crore company is one with vast experience in construction and currently employs...

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Revision of Salary: NMDC-Yashoda Arogyavardhini Hospital , Donimalai

Recommendations of the Committee for revision of salary for the staff of M/s ICWCS Ltd deployed at ET – Hostel and Extension counter service at NMDC-Yashoda Arogyavardhini Hospital , Donimalai The Committee constituted by Competent Authority consisting of the following members met on 09.08.2010: 1. Sri S K Verma Jt. General Manager (Prodn) 2. Sri AVG Balakrishnaiah Dy. GM (Fin) 3. Sri B.R. Pattnaik Dy. GM (Per) 4. Sri K.M. Srinivasa Asst.GM (IE) 1. The committee noted that...

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Men vs Woman Salaries / Stats Paper

Difference is salaries between Male and Female The paper will analyze the differences between women and men salaries. The salaries are definitely higher for men than women in all age groups. Women with higher education will receive higher pay but not equal to men with the same years of experience due to gender, and education. The data statements that were found was that males work longer than females which may cause a lower percentage in salary for females, and that females do not negotiate...

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