French Revolution

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Cornell Notes | Topic/Objective: French Revolution | Name: Sam Roberts | | | Class/Period: Western World History | | | Date: | Essential Question: What were the causes, significant events, and results of the French Revolution? | | Questions: | Notes: | 1. What were the Three Estates? | a. First Estate- the estate made up of members of the clergy that made up less than 1% of the population, owned around 10% of the land and paid a 2% income tax. | | b. Second Estate- the estate made up of members of the nobility who would around 2% of the population, owned around 20% of the land and didn’t pay taxes. | | c. Third Estate- the estate made up of the common people of France who were the poorest, made up 97% of the population and paid 50% income tax. | 2. What were the short term causes of the FR? 3. What were the long term causes of the FR? | Short term- The country’s economic and intellectual changes weren’t matched by social and political changes. Rural overpopulation created land hunger. Marie Antoinette’s constant unneeded spending.Long term- the privileged groups were controlling France. The French economy being greatly in debt. | 4. What was the spark of the FR? | Spark- the Tennis Court Oath | 5. What were the most important events in the FR? | 1. Tennis Court Oath2. Calling of the Estates-General3. Creation of the National Assembly4. Storming of the Bastille5. Privileged class relinquishing their power6. King and Queen forced to live in Paris7. National Assembly creates a constitution8. Church lands were nationalized9. Religious orders were suppressed10. Louis XVI tries to escape France11. Louis XVI is captured and forced to sign constitution12. The Legislative Assembly met 13. War was declared on Austria14. Storming of the Tuilereis15. National Convention creates new Constitution16. Royalists sympathizers killed approximately 2,000 prisoners17. National Convention abolishes Monarchy, establishes republic18.

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