Effects of Climate Change

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Ever since the past century rainfall patterns have been so unpredictable, temperature levels have changed drastically and natural disasters have crowded over the entire earth. Life on earth is on great danger and no doubt that the world is drifting away little by little. Time and again, Climate change has been the root cause of all these events. It has threatened lives of human beings, wild animals both aquatic and terrestrial. Plants too, have also been affected by this climate change. Attention in this talk is made on how climate change affects you in your cities and towns and countries and how you can minimize them.

Firstly, climate change affects human beings through an increase in disease levels. Normally diseases are part of human life, but when they are increased to some extent they become unbearable and expose a very great danger on human life .In this case, there are disease which are climate- sensitive .These include malaria, dengue fever ,yellow fever, encephalitis and cholera

Noticing at the root cause of each of these infectious diseases, it is seen that their increase largely depend on the changes in climate. For instance, in the primitive environment, the impact caused by these diseases on human life was less as compared to the changed environment. This is because changes in climate may have a certain kind of disturbance in the ecological system (habits of living things in relation to their surrounding). It is true that most of these infectious diseases, that come about because of changes in climate are vector-borne diseases. In other ways, they are transmitted by insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies and many others. Now with the change in climate, whether through rainfall or temperature variations, results in changing the habitat (natural place of growth; home) of these insects. As a result of this change in climate much better breeding grounds are created. Therefore, there is very great risk of increasing some of these diseases because the population of insects causing diseases is high.

For example, higher temperatures in combination with favorable rainfall patterns could prolong disease transmission season in some locations where certain diseases already exist. Likewise, heavy rains might increase the number of water reservoirs where stagnant water might also be found. Most of the times, these places save as good breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Again rainfall facilitates the growth of tall grasses which is also suitable breeding place for mosquitoes. As such, the number of malaria patients in that specified area might increase proportionally.

In addition to that, heavy rains due to change of climate might cause some wastes or garbage that were buried in the ground to come out and be exposed to flies. And these flies might land on food, there by transmitting germs which cause some infections after taking the food. Soon or later cholera might follow and that is how it is spread.

Furthermore, a report from B.B.C. news (1997) stated that scientists believes that if the temperature is increased by 3.5 degrees Celsius, the number of people potentially exposed to malaria(transmitted by mosquitoes) could increase from 10 percent to 60 percent of the world’s population. This could lead to an extra 50 to 80 million cases of malaria a year. Such estimation by scientists came after assessing how the climate changes, particularly temperature variation. Those figures of estimated victims might come true; because mosquitoes in warm areas breed beyond measure and their prevalence sorely depend on temperature.

As a matter of fact, some people have lost their lives because of diseases like malaria, and these include potentially able people in our cities, towns and communities. For instance; politicians, administrators, businessmen, professors and other productive citizens. In their book on ‘significance...
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