Climatic Change and Its Effect on Society

Topics: Climate, Climate change, Water Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Climatic Change and Its Effect on Society

There has been a significant climatic change that has taken place throughout the years on Earth. These changes have effected society in more than one way. However, there is nothing society can do about the long term influences of climatic changes. Society has tended to address the short term effects of climatic changes that influence the global temperatures within the life span of present generations. The following will show how climatic changes does effect society, health, and economics.

Society depends a lot on natural resources for various aspects. First of all, society depends largely on forests to supply trees which in turn supply wood for construction. Other resources include oil and animals (livestock). In the focus of wood, there is the Western Canadian Boreal Forest which is a large producer of wood for the United States construction industry. However, climatic changes has had large and impacting effects on the construction industry. Compared to eastern Canada, the southern boreal forest region of western Canada has a relatively dry climate. Thus, drought effects are one of the major concerns being addressed by researchers in this region. climate modellers have predicted a large increase in temperature for this region, which could lead to even drier conditions and enormous stresses on vegetation in the western Canadian boreal forest. This type of impact was observed following the 1988 drought it experiences, when there was a die-back of aspen over extensive areas of the aspen parkland in Western Canada. Associated with this drought was a drying up of large lakes in the region. Another potential impact for the region is a major increase in forest fires. This is due to the fact that fire frequency is closely linked to moisture levels which are expected to decrease under climatic change. Thus, it is noticed that with increased climatic change the future that this forest has in supplying lumber is decreasing,...
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