Effective Communication

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Communication has existed since the beginning of human beings, but it was not until the 20th century that people began to study the process. As communication technologies developed, so did the theories.

Before becoming simply communication, or communication studies, the discipline was formed from three other major studies: psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Psychology is the study of human behaviour, Sociology is the study of society and social process, and anthropology is the study of communication as a factor which develops, maintains, and changes culture. Communication studies focus on communication as central to the human experience, which involves understanding how people behave in creating, exchanging, and interpreting messages.[citation needed]

Communication Theory has one universal law posited by S. F. Scudder (1980). The Universal Communication Law states that, "All living entities, beings and creatures communicate." All of the living communicates through movements, sounds, reactions, physical changes, gestures, languages, breath, etc. Communication is a means of survival. Examples - the cry of a child (communication that it is hungry, hurt, cold, etc.); the browning of a leaf (communication that it is dehydrated, thirsty by itself, dying); the cry of an animal (communicating that it is injured, hungry, angry, etc.). Everything living communicates in its way for survival."

So First of all we must have a clear idea of what is communication? Well since 1930 so many management and communication specialists have sought to explain what communication is. For en example TJ and Sandar Larkin, Clampitt (2005) lists three effective approaches to communicate with their employees within a organisation.

- Arrow Theory.
- Circuit Theory.
- Dance theory.

So as we gone through, what I believe about Communication is, passing the right message on right time to the right people/thing in effective and in decent manor. Most of our time is been spent by communicating. Ex - reading, writing, talking, watching and listening. So it has become a vital part of almost every job.

Explain communication theories, concepts and practises…
As you can see in your day to day life communication can be categorise in to several parts. 1. Verbal communication.
2. Nonverbal communication.
3. One-way communication.
4. Tw0-way communication.

TJ and Sandar Larkin, Clampitt (2005) lists three effective approaches to communicate with their employees within en organisation.

- Arrow Theory
- Circuit Theory
- Dance theory


Communications are carefully constructed and aimed at a target audience. It assumes the more accurate the message, the clearer the understanding of the recipient. Problems arise when it is taken for granted that information is mostly transmitted by words and that recipients are passive (inactive) receptors.

What arrow theory says “I communicate by memos because I know I’ve communicated. Then I know that I did my job”.

– Clearly and precisely put my thoughts into words.
– Speak with credibility.
– My talk force action.

Communication Breakdowns
– Failure= Blame
– Failure = Incompetence.

– Pro-management.
– Downward comm.
– Directive.

– Effective Expression = Effective Communication.
– Passive Information Processors.
– Words contain meaning.
– Focus on clear expression.
– Links words to actions.
Below you can find a bar chart of American researches C. shennon ans weaver. Basically this module illustrates a one-way system.

Since they were interested in how en electrical signal was transmitted along a wire or radio wave and what happen to it during the transmission. Their concept of noise allowed for the distortion and interference of static upon the massage’s signal which might prevent its clear...
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