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The Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination

1) Abstract:
Poor seeding growth can be the result of soil salinity. A study was done to examine the influence of NaCl salinity treatment on the germination and seeding grow of vigna radiata using different NaCl concentration 0 (control) , 0.25 , 0.5 , 1.0 , 1.75 . A graph was used to analyze the data obtained from the study. Important differences among the treatment were indicated as a result of this study. The germination percentage of vigna radiata seed and radicle growth was reduced when treated by Sodium Chloride solution .The salt concentration (0.25%) had the higher germination percentage. As a result , the findings from the study state that the vigna radiata seeds are very sensitive and highly affected by salt water.

2) Introduction:
Soil salinity is a worldwide problem that negatively affects crop production in areas of the world where irrigation is used to produce crops. Salinity is a problem for plant growth which is reduced as a result of the soluble salt in the soil. These salts are too high in the soil and as a result they are difficult to be managed or controlled. Plants exposed to salt stress undergo changes in their metabolism place in their environment. This make water unavailable to plants , which results in reduced water up take (Mwai , 2001). Imbibition is a diffusion process of water in plants where the net movement of water is along a diffusion gradient salinity inhibits the seed ability to imbibe (absorb) water and a result germinating seed would become non-viable and die. There is considerable evidence that many crop plants are particularly sensitive to soil salinity during germination and seeding growth crops growing on soil subject to salinization are frequently interspersed a sharp demarcation between fair growth of plant and no plants at all. These barren spots often delimit the areas where soil salinity was sufficiently high at planting time to prevent seed germination. It is especially important , therefore , that the level of salinity in the soil be below the limit of tolerance of a crop during the time of germination and seeding growth. Information on the salt tolerance of various crops during this place of growth is very meager even though it may be a primary consideration in production on saline soil. Uhvits has recently reviewed the literature on this subject in connection with her studies on the effect of osmotic pressure of the substrate moisture on water absorption and germination of alfalfa seeds. Purpose:

The experiment is conducted to see how the salt stress and seed germination is related and suitable concentration level needed for better growth and germination. Enjoy and develop good comprehension of scientific experiments that help us investigate and solve problems we face in our life. Identify and discover the secrets involved in the germination of plants around us.

The hypothesis for the experiment is that the vigna radiata will grow better in salt concentration (0%). That is, the seeds will grow better in fresh water as opposed to saltwater.

3) Procedure:
Enough number of healthy vigna radiata are taken and put in a beaker. A suitable of chlorine is added until the seeds are totally submerged. 6 petri dishes are used and labled with the salt concentration. 2 filter papers are placed in each petri dish which islabeled with the number of salt solution . Tongs are used to take out the seeds from the beaker.

The chlorine is drained from the beaker .
12 seeds are placed in each petri dish.
The dishes are stored in a drawer.
The petri dihes are checked every day for a week.
Sprouts of seeds are counted and gauged by a special ruler.
Data is recorded on the corresponding data table.

3) Results:
Typical results for this experiment are listed in the table and graphs below. (Table 1): the effect of...

References: http://aob.oxfordjournals.org/content/82/2/167.abstract
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