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Topics: Water, Cell wall, Cell membrane Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 6, 2014
Bio 12 Concentration of Potatoes Lab Questions Jiwon Lee 2-1

1. Throughout the lab, if the mass of potato is decreased, the solution is hypotonic; if the mass of potato is decreased, the solution is hypertonic. If the mass stays the same as initial mass, the solution is isotonic. 2. Since the concentration of 0.1 has a change in mass of 0, 0.1 is istonic. Potato cytoplasm and the sucrose must be around 0.1. 3. The mass of potato would decrease since the sodium chloride solution would make water molecule inside the cells to evacuate and let the molecules move through a cell membrane. 4. The osmosis occurs for both water and sucrose molecules; however, sucrose molecules cannot pass through a plasma membrane. While water molecules move in and out, sucrose molecules do no, which means water molecules move through faster compared to sucrose molecules. 5. Salt kills the plants because the cells of plants contain water and many other dissolved substances. Since the water has a lower concentration, water molecules try to move the inside and outside the cell wall to equalize the concentration of dissolved substances in the cell, which is called osmosis. Water molecules will be sucked out of the cell by a high concentration of salt, and resultingly it causes the plants to dehydrate due to an osmosis. 6. Distilled water should be used to keep vegetables crisp. In tap water, there are many other elements that make water in vegetables move out by osmosis and make them dehydrate. Unlike tap water, distilled water has zero amount of dissolved salts so that water can flow into the vegetables, keeping them crisp. 7. Humans' cells are in isotonic solution that keeps equal number of solutes both inside and outside of the cell. If the cell is put in a hypotonic solution, water will move into the cell. This causes the cell to burst and die. On the other side, if you put the cell in a hypertonic solution, water will move the...
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