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Topics: Motivation, Regression analysis, Random sample Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 2, 2013
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EDPM Assignment No: 2
Case study of Prabhat District (Nepal)
This article study has made an attempt to identify factors influencing the entrepreneurship ability of the entrepreneurs. The analysis, based on series of logical steps, has shown both positive and negative associations. For instance, the socio-demographic characteristics of the entrepreneurs have shown little positive influences on the entrepreneurship ability. In case of business characteristics, the status of enterprises and the number of employees in the enterprises have positive influence on the entrepreneurship ability, whereas the partners in the enterprises and the types of enterprises have negative influence. The environmental motivating factor (family background) seems to be more powerful than the other motivating factors to influence positively on the entrepreneurship ability of the entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, the noneconomic factors seem to be stronger than the economic factors to influence the entrepreneurship ability. It is found that the entrepreneurs are innovators who are quite able to handle challenges for their enterprise betterment. It can be concluded that the non-economic challenges can influence positively on entrepreneurship ability when they are in favor of the entrepreneurs. It is also found that the non-economic challenge (mobility) has positively influenced the entrepreneurship ability when it is in unfavorable situation. Study has also considered two other concepts related to enterprising development like motivation and challenges. The data and information was acquired from the sample entrepreneurs by using the semi-structured interview questionnaire form. The data were processed and analysed with SPSS. Descriptive statistics including distribution of individual features and cross tabulation, and a binary logistic regression model was also used.Many literatures were reviewed e.g (Knight 1965; Hisrich 1986; Bygrave and Hofer 1991;Huefner and...
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